In-ride photos, MagicBands, and bluetooth

Does anyone know if all of the in-ride photos at Disney World will link directly to the My Disney App (via bluetooth) without the need for a MagicBand. I see lots of comments about them testing this system back in 2021 on a few rides but I don’t see any info on how that went, if it’s reliable and if it is set up for all rides with in-ride photos. I love this feature when wearing MagicBands so that I don’t need to stop at the photo screens on my way out of the ride but if it’s available through the app on all rides (and reliable) then it greatly reduces my desire to pay for a MagicBand.

It’s not reliable, neither are magic bands and even tapping our pic didn’t always mean we got the right one. We had loads missing and also loads where we got someone else’s pic. Sometimes the app asked us to choose between 2 or 3 pics and we weren’t in any of them.

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I’ve never had a ride photo show up in MDE unless I was wearing a MB. Although GotG is hit and miss with that too, but that’s the only ride with MB & picture issues

My last three trips wearing new MBs I have received about 25% of my ride photos. Yo me this is another example of a system that used to work (with MBs) that no longer works.

Last month: no photos from EE, one photo of another family on SDD, two photos of another family on GotG.

Oh, I also always have Bluetooth enabled on my phone.