In Pursuit of Frozen Dresses


Hi everyone, I've participated in Lines chat but this is my first post to this forum.

Like many others, I've been in pursuit of those darn Frozen Anna and Elsa dresses for a very long time. I think I heard that the Disney Store will be fully stocked in August in preparation for Halloween? Is that really to be expected? If so, does anyone have any idea when in August?

My daughters have both worked hard achieving what is (for them) really big milestones / accomplishments this summer, and I wanted to give them a prize for their achievements. Well guess what, the only thing they can think of that they want is those darn Elsa and Anna dresses! I'm almost getting ready to spend money I don't have buying them on ebay... but if only I knew they'd be around and available later this month I would hold out a little longer and promise them that "it's coming soon..."

So if anyone has any info on the timing of the availability of these dresses, I'd be so grateful. Alternatively, if anyone sees them in their local Disney store or in the parks and wants to help me send my kiddos over the moon with excitement and joy... here's what I'm looking for. And I could paypal you the $ right away and do anything else that would make you happy (need a kidney, just ask).

Elsa ice queen dress size 5/6
Anna non-coronation dress size 7/8

Here's a picture of my girls spontaneously doing ballet in front of the castle. It's actually pretty old now, but I wanted to post something and this was handy (and cute... IMHO).

Thanks for any info and / or help!!



Your DDs are adorable! I've seen the Anna dresses at BBB a couple of weeks ago, supply wasn't gone as fast as before. Haven't seen any Elsa's lately. @Sophiasmom711 has been calling local Disney store and finally did get one last week. I'll be in the parks this week, can look at BBB for you. Pics of Anna dresses


Yes jenny, @moorparknay15 is correct. I was In Pursuit of the dresses as well and my frozen mission was complete. Last week my DS was stocked with 20 elsa dresses of each size 5/6 and 7/8, if only I had known then. Sometime in August for DS and DL they are supposed to be stocked knowing Halloween is coming, although there is no date set. They do have plenty of both Anna dresses in DL at bbb. Do you have access to the parks? If not I will in 2 weeks. You can call your local DS every morning and ask if they are got in any dresses, as they have shipments mostly everyday. Also, on DS website, if you can stay up every night, at 12:30am they have new merchandise and you have a good chance at getting a dress there. Also, where abouts do you live? I know a Disneystore that will tell you when the dresses are coming in. I hope this info helps.


If you're not able to get the official dresses, this link was passed along to me a few weeks ago (and since I like the dresses there better than the official stuff, it's probably what I'm going to order for my daughter).


Thanks for all the great info, everyone! I will stay strong, and not surrender to the wild prices of ebay! I live an hour from my nearest disney store (6 hours from DL itself), and they told me their shipments come m, w, f mornings at 10am and they won't hold. That means if I call at 10am and they DO have dresses (which has yet to happen), I have to ditch work and drive an hour each way hoping the dresses are still there. Ditching work also would make them very expensive dresses... So, I'll be checking the Disney store website after midnight when I can stay up that late, and hoping this month they really do start stocking up. In the mean time, if any liners see them at parks or stores, I'm certainly interested. Have a wonderful day everyone!


Hi @Jennypanetta, I have nothing to add about the dresses, just wanted to say hi and glad you found the forum!


I just got a chasing fireflies catelog in the mail, and they have a whole line of Disney costumes, including elsa. They look beautiful, maybe even more so than the official Disney version... But wow, so expensive! $130 for this elsa dress.

chasing fireflies elsa dress LINK

Just wanted to share this info in case anyone else is looking for a stunning (yet pricey) alternative.

Now I'm debating whether or not to let my dd's see the catelog! smile


Wait if you can. For the price of one of those you can have 2 frozen dresses. I know it's so hard to wait but it'll be worth it. What's your deadline for the dresses?


Hide the two crazy expensive Halloween costumes from then last year. I saw the Anna and Elsa ones...cute!


No hard deadline, but my 2 dd's have already earned them, so I want the reward for their achievements to be timely. I'm going to keep holding out though...


I bought both Anna and Elsa dresses from and we love them. Great quality and machine washable! And a lot less expensive.....I bought both for less than $60.


Will you be in the parks soon?


No, not until June 2015.


Sent you an email about a possibility.


Liners are the best! Thanks for keeping my in mind. I replied via email.


Liners are awesome! Will keep an eye out for Elsa dress.


Weird - I didn't mean to delete my above post!!

What I had said was this: The awesome and generous and amazing @sophiasmom711 picked up an Anna dress for my soon to be very excited older daughter! Aren't liners incredible! I'm still on the lookout for the Elsa dress in size 5/6 (or even size 4 would probably work) in case anyone sees them. Yay @sophiasmom711!!! Yay Liners!!!

So sorry about accidentally deleting and then re-posting. Still getting used to the forum. smile


thanks for posting this link, I just took a peek . . .super cute dresses!!!


Hautelook also has some really cute ones at great prices. But I think the boutique closes sometime soon (flash sale).


I even saw some at Kmart with Crowns too...