In Person DAS Registration Without a Park Pass

My apologies if this has already been discussed. We are arriving on June 12th with our first park day on the 13th. Having heard about all day waits for DAS pre-registration, I’m considering waiting to do it in person at one of the park’s guest relations locations. Does anyone know if we would be able to do it the day we arrive even though we don’t have a park reservation? Seems to me I remember guest relations at Animal Kingdom is outside of the tap in entrance.

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There are guest relations outside of each park entrance (and obviously inside).

I did mine in person, though inside MK and it wasn’t “horrible”.

The line at Guest Services outside the parks can be temperamental. I haven’t exactly figured out the timing, but they can be full or empty. Mostly empty.

ETA: That the line for the out-of-park GS is always better than the in-park one I waited in, even if it wasn’t “horrible”.

There is a Guest Relations location in MK back in Liberty Square that rarely has a line. I highly recommend this location. Great CMs and shorter lines. :sunglasses:

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We are also visiting that week. I had also heard horror stories regarding pre-registration DAS wait times, however I signed in twice at 7:00 est. on the dot and didn’t wait more than 20 minutes (the first time I called 30 days out from our trip, not realizing your need to call 30 days from your first park res.) It was very fast and convenient when calling first thing in the AM.


The GS office at IG is rarely busy as well. It’s just outside the exit but after security.


This timing seems to be the key right now! For any Disney calls.


Thanks for the information! I would rather get the registration done the day before rather than spending time doing it the morning of our first park day.

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