In Park Scooter Rental

How much time should we allot for renting a scooter in the parks? Will it be the same for MK, EP, and HWS? We are trying to make our touring plans and wondering how much time we should leave open for this process.

That is so variable depending on how many other people will be trying to rent one. They are also first come, first served with limited quantities so you are not guaranteed to get one. So you may have to rope drop to be sure you get one.

Please note that I never rented one at the park for those reasons. I found it much cheaper to rent from a third party that delivers to your resort.

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We are staying off property and won’t have a vehicle that will transport a scooter. The crowd levels are between a 2 and 4 all the days we are at the parks. We were planning on arriving at 10.00am. Think that would work?

Probably, but like I said, I’ve never rented one from the parks. Since people can easily rent one from a third party place perhaps the demand won’t be as great and you’ll have no problems getting one quickly. At 10 there most likely won’t be a long line, so maybe it won’t take longer than half an hour.

We rent at the parks. AT RD it’s only taken us 10-15 min. We’ve also park hopped later in the day and have never had a problem getting one.

Thanks for the tips and insight! This forum is very helpful!

We’re looking at getting a scooter for the first time this trip too. We decided to rent one from an offsite company and they do make portable scooters that break down in pieces to fit in a normal size trunk. Not sure if you have a rental car or not, but they do make ones that you wouldn’t need a huge car to get them into. We are renting from Buena Vista Scooters and they deliver to our hotel. I’ve read good reviews, so am hoping this will help my parents be able to keep up with the grandkids.

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Thank you! We actually had some friends suggest this to us after I had posted my question. We decided to go with Buena Vista Scooters as well. Portable and cheaper than the scooters in the parks. We thought it also might be helpful to have getting in and out of the parks.