In Park Radio/Music and podcasts

Hey all - getting ready to plan my trip for later this year and I wanted to listen to some park music/radio and was bummed out Mouse World Radio doesn’t seem to be on any more. Anyone have any good alternates out there? Plus does Touring Plans have their own podcast (I love there You Tube stuff, and I know Len and others are guests on many other podcasts, but I don’t recall seeing one for TP directly). Appreciate the feedback, apologies if this is in the wrong spot semi-new to this. Thanks

I like D-COT Jukebox:

Other people on chat have mentioned Reedy Creek Radio, some people post things on Youtube.

I also have someone’s Osborne Lights playlist bookmarked on Spotify

I really enjoy the Sorcerer Radio app. It’s free to download. They play park music, full ride audio, resort music, really anything Disney. I love it. :slight_smile:

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I can’t help with the radio, but I can confirm there is a TouringPlans Podcast (called TouringPlans Podcast). I would also recommend Backside of Magic and Disney Dish with Jim Hill.

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I love to listen to ResortTV1’s video capture of the resort hotel TV while planning. not exactly “in park” but close!

I run the subsonic radio app in the background at work everyday. Right now I’m listening to the epcot future world innoventions plaza area loop. It’s brilliant!

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I like to listen to dparkradio at They play lots of attraction music.

I know this is an older thread, but it’s the only one I could find with a list of podcasts started. I feel like I had seen good lists before, but perhaps they are all in chat.

I’m growing a little disillusioned with Backside of Magic and their unrelenting focus on scamming every single thing. I’m interested in the Disney Dish as I used to like Jim Hill’s blogs. Do you need to pay for it? I stream BoM on Spotify on my Android phone, but I can’t find Disney Dish on there. If I go to the website it is $1 to download. Is there a better way?

Any other good podcasts that have say trip reports or resort reviews or any other recommendations?


I listen on Android using BeyondPod App. I listen to the Disney Dish on it but I think i had a hard time with that particular feed.

Below is a list of podcasts which I pulled from a chat post.

WDW Podcasts
Attraction checklist
Backside of Magic
Be Our Guest
Best & Worst of Walt Disney World
Best and Worst of WDW
Chip Chipperson podacast
Connecting With Walt
Creating Disney Magic
DIS Best & Worst
DIS Dining Show
DIS Unplugged
Disney Dad’s Podcast
Disney Dish with Jim Hill & Len Testa
Disney DNA
Disney Dream Girls
Disney Every Week with the Passporter Moms
Disney Food Blog
Disney History Institute
Disney Story Origins
DIStracted Life
Diz After Dark
Dole Whipped
Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast
E ticket For DL
E ticket Report
Earz Up
Enchanted Tiki Talk
Geekin on WDW
Golden Horseshoe
Mad Chatters
Main St Magic
Michael Kay
Mighty Men of Mouse
Progress City
Radio Harambe
Retro Disney World
Season Pass Podcast
Sweep Spot
Three Sheets to the Mouse
Tomorrow Society
Touring Plans
Two Men & a Mouse
Unlocking the Magic
WDW Happy Place
WDW Park Hopper
WDW Prep To Go
WDW Radio
WDW Today
WEDway Radio

If you want some that include reviews look at Be Our Guest, DIS Unplugged, DIS Dining reviews, DIS Best and Worst, Touring Plans Podcast .

Edit to add WDW prep to go has a lot of trip reports

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Disney Dish is free under the Jim Hill Media Podcast feed. I love The ETicket Report, The Mighty Men of the Mouse, and Enchanted Tiki Talk.

Let me link to some threads:

Thank you! Evidently I stink at searching. I think I was searching by date not realizing that some of these are older.

Awesome, I will try that app! I think the $1 is if I want to download, but I just want to stream.