In-park early AM reservations -- how early will they let us in?

Hi everyone!

We have reservations in December for breakfast at BOG before 9 AM park opening. The only time slot we could get was 8:50. We’ve been watching ever since (and are using the Touring Plans Reservation Finder) in hopes of getting an earlier reservation so we can hightail it to the Mine Train after breakfast.

How early will they let us in the gate that morning? We’re hoping that we can get there a bit earlier than our reservation so we can eat and get out.


  • Park opens at 9 AM and there are no EMH that morning.

  • Our reservation is for 8:50 AM.

  • Hoping to have breakfast finished before people can leave the restaurant for the Mine Train.


Everything that I have read says that they let everyone with an early breakfast reservation (before park opens) in at 7:50.

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you’ll be allowed in around 8am/8:15 for an 8:50 reservation. Maybe a little later, but you’ll be in prior to the general public. So you’ll get a little bit of time with a relatively empty Main Street

With an 8:50 reservation, you won’t be done in time to beat the mob to 7DMT; I’ve been at Mine Train at 8:40 and just BARELY beat the crowd. Seems they’ve been letting people through a little earlier lately.

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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info! Guess we’ll keep trying to get earlier reservations. :smile:

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I updated. meant to say 8:40.

I would expect that MK will open at 8:00 almost every day in December!

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that is quite true @PrincipalTinker!

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We have an 8:30 am ADR at BOG in December and the park is now opening at 8:00 am. Will they let us in early?

We’re going on December 3 and the Disney World web site and TouringPlans are both saying 9 AM open as of today. That’s a weekend during a low season…will it really open earlier than that?

If so, that might alter our strategy.

Same here, we have ADR at 8:30am at CP on Dec 6 and Disney still list MK opening at 9am. If they change it I will probably drop the reservation. by the way we got the ADR thanks to the reservation search here on TP!

Lisa doubt you will get in before 8 with an 8.30 adr if it opens at 8. 8.15 adr possibly to give you time to walk to BOG

Last December I am pretty sure MK opened everyday at 8:00.

Do they offer ADRs prior to 8 am?

Lisa, that’s what I’m hoping, particularly if they are going to open before 9 AM!

No, they do not. Keep an eye on this and make a later back up ADR just in case!

You can also get in the park at 8:30 (or whenever), go straight to Seven Dwarfs for an 8:45am ride, then hit up Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh and then just show up late to your BOG reservation at 9:05am.

In June, I got into MK at 7:50 with an 8:35 BOG breakfast.

So, if I’m hearing everyone correctly…our best bet might be to keep our 8:50 AM BOG reservation because the park will likely open at 8 AM (not 9 AM like it says on the website).

That would (hopefully) give us time to do 7DMT before our breakfast (and maybe one other ride, too).


Thanks, if I can’t get an earlier ADR, maybe I’ll try to get into the park just a little early.

How long should we expect to spend at BOG for breakfast if we order our meal in advance?