In park camcorder?

I want to be able to capture the magic moments at Disney and have pics and videos to remember our trip. I did memory maker so we will have photos but I want to also have video. I bought a gopro but after playing around with it I am not happy with it. Do you guys have recommendations for capturing park video? Or should I just use my iPhone?

I’ve used my phone with success. I wouldn’t use it on the coasters. I’m too panicky about lurching and dropping it. But I’ve seen lots of videos out there from people using the GoPro. Might want to just play around with it a little more and get more comfortable with it. That might help.

Iphone here. Memory Maker will give you a ToT video and HM soon.

Memory Maker does already include a quick TOT video. And now the 7DMT too. and yep! HM video is coming later this year! Can’t wait!

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Lately, I’ve been using my Digital SLR camera for most videos. I shoots better quality than the little dedicated video camera I own. Outside, in daylight, most video cameras will do pretty well.

Interested as to what you don’t like about the gopro? Was going to buy dh one for his bday this year. He mountain bikes so will be perfect on the chest mount and I thought it would also be great for rides…

Don’t have one, but played around with a friend’s. Good for recording POV shots of sports activities where there is a lot of action and movement. But it moves EVERYWHERE that whatever it’s mounted to moves.If on head, every head movement is recorded resulting in painful to watch rapid pans. If chest-mounted, losts of bouncing and jiggling as you walk.Also have to use a wifi phone sync to an app if you want to see “real time” filming to frame shots. No zoom and wide angle lense, so not really good for close-ups. Now, these all may just be first impressions after an hour or so of use, but it didn’t convince me that I really wanted one. Now if it was back in the days when I was still riding…


[quote=“Quattro4, post:6, topic:5780”]
Interested as to what you don’t like about the gopro[/quote]

I used one last year at work and was immediately impressed with the high quality video. However, for everyday use, I didn’t like that it had no viewfinder and that it was locked into a really wide fisheye lens view. In some cases, that effect looks great, but for most video I don’t want that. There’s supposed to be a way you can reprogram the device to change that view, but most casual users will not wish to do so.

If my plans were to shoot ride videos from roller coasters or other fast-moving attractions, then a GoPro would work pretty well (though the sound quality isn’t all that good). If I wanted to record people interacting with characters and other parts of my park visit, then I’d choose another option for my video. One thing I’m not sure about, but think the GoPro might do well with, however, is recording fireworks.


Interesting @FlyerFan1973 and @bswan26 will have to research a little more. I do think he’ll use it more for mtb but thought it would be good for our trip too.

Just got an email saying gopro4 will be released on October 4. Might be worth a compare to see if any of the things you didn’t like have been fixed.

Found a “preview” about the new GoPro. Will be interesting to see it in action when it’s released:

Thanks everyone for the replies. We returned the GoPro and I’ve decided to just stick with my iPhone for this trip since we have memory maker.

I didn’t like the gopro @Quattro4 because it has no viewfinder, no image stabilization, and the audio sucks especially if you have it in a case because the mic is covered.