In Park Badges

Okay so we have a question on chat:

"Question - I am here solo walking around entering posted times. If Astro Orbiter is closed then I won't get the badge for entering all of Tomorrowland? No option to say close since it is under refurb.

49 min ago by LIGrumpyGirl "

So what does one do when an attraction is closed, and you have posted all wait times for every other ride, can you still get the bade?

@len what say you, I said I would ask for her

I don't think you can get the badge if a ride is closed for refurbishment. I went in Jan. and I didn't get the "Westward Ho!" badge (wait times for all rides in Frontierland), because Splash was closed. We're going next Jan, so I expect Splash will be closed again. So, no Splash badge or Ultimate MK badge either. Maybe that's an excuse for another trip??

I was once told thAt the app will keep track of what you've done so if you were missing 1 thing you could just add that 1 thing the next time and earn the badge.

The issue I think is the 'next time.' Some people just don't have that, or due to the alignments of refurbishments and planned trips, they won't have the opportunity to get a ride to finish a badge.

I wish there was a way to figure out what was needed to complete a badge (3/5 waits entered, etc.)


well the girl got her badge, she posted it took a while for it to show up, but she did receive it

Excellent. Thanks for the wait times!

I wish thT kind of hint existed too but @laurel said to use the list of FPP attraction available in each land and keep track or re enter