In Disney now, what would you do

So, we just had our first day here at AK…amazing! Our touring plan was perfect! Did everything, in order, with a bonus picture in front of a completely empty Tree of Life and an extra walk on Navi for our first ride!

My parents had an issue with their room, so here’s where my question comes in…we all got an additional 3 anytime FP for MK on Friday! Disney magic!! We already have FP for PPF, ETWB for the morning and then 7DMT for right after the parade It is EMH and we are starting with Buzz, Space Mtn, TLS then heading to Space and BTMR when it opens at 9. Should we just pick the things with the biggest wait (TP has that as BTMR with 13 min) or try to move 7DMT up?

Thanks for your thoughts!!

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I would just wait and see what you want to do, the great thing about those FPs is that you just walk up to the FP queiue and scan in.