In case you were a liner....Thanks!

Last Wednesday, I left my camera in the women’s restroom at Downtown Disney. (I had put it down to wash my hands and was asked by a woman who was obviously ill to go outside and get her daughter and just forgot to pick it up…). When I realized it was gone, I was distraught at the loss of my vacation photos. On my second phone call to lost and found - I discovered that someone had turned in my camera. I was beyond excited! So… if you were the person who returned my camera - I am forever grateful! It is good to know that some people still do the right thing!!


Love hearing stories like this! We lost (well dh lost… Haha) our camera backpack at Epcot one trip… It got handed in and mailed back to us weeks later with a hand written note from lost and found!!! Dh was amazed and that is one reason I can keep dragging him back to disney!!! :slight_smile:

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