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A review of the DLR SWGE from the NY Times


OK, OK, I’ll admit it, it looks and sounds really cool. However, how cool will it be when packed wall-to-wall with Star Wars geeks?


You won’t know, you won’t be able to see it.

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That’s why I’ll wait at least a year to go back to DRL. Luckily I just went later last year. I am patient; I just experienced Pandora for the first time this month.

All the reports of opening day have been how uncrowded & easy it was to see. There was a moment when the wait time for Smugglers Run was just 5 min (10ish am) and several times 15-20 min and the highest it’s been is 90 min. Far lower than the 2 hr range that was expected with this reservation period. And all pictures I have seen have been much more open walkways than expected. Most of the crowd & wait is for the Cantina.

As for the rest of the parks, it’s a Friday night & the wait times are shockingly low. Time will tell if this is the work of the reservation system & all hell breaks lose June 24th once it ends or Disney under-filled the opening day reservation slots. After all the craze & talk of the madhouse that DL would become, I feel today’s smooth opening is a bit anti-climactic.

Isn’t that because the only way in for the next month at least if via an advanced reservation. No standby at all.

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Next few weeks, yes a reservation is needed. Come June 24th no more reservation will be required and a “virtual queue” will be available on the app to join first come, first served, no time limits to how long you spend in the land and no guarantees that joining the queue will get you into the land as you will only be able to enter once capacity allows.