In case anyone is as dumb as me - you can DRAG AND DROP things in your TP

I feel like a dunce - this is my second trip making custom TPs - and I always want to move things around a little to get priority rides in before potential kid meltdown time even if it isn’t optimal. Anyway - I have been clicking those silly move up and move down buttons for 2 years waiting forever in between for things to refresh - AND I COULD HAVE JUST DRAGGED AND DROPPED!!

Anyway - trying to avoid any other sorry souls out there wasting clicks. . .


Don’t feel bad. Drag and drop doesn’t work on my iPad. I have to do the move up/move down thing (OMG it’s slow) or move over to my desktop. :frowning:


Yes it does only work on a computer. At least in my experience.


Took me eons to figure that out on the computer too!

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It works on my computer…barely. I think I’ve finally gotten the knack. The problem wasn’t the dragging, it was the dropping…a good percentage of the time it just wouldn’t drop in where I dragged it. But the move up/down options are painfully slow.



I had a heck of a time with this on my iPad. I think it might be a good idea to put a simple notice somewhere regarding the different behavior of the programs on mobile devices vs. laptop- if there is one it must not be in an obvious place.

It would have saved me hours in the beginning. I was using my iPad while away from home and could have just waited and used the laptop. Even better is my husband’s mega gaming desktop. As long as I don;'t touch anything.:rofl:

Oh good, not just me then! :rofl:

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