Improved WWoHP Handing in Personalized Touring Plans

As of this morning (Monday, September 1, 2014), our touring plan software is handling the new Harry Potter attractions at both IOA and USH better. Among other things, you can:

  1. Select “Hogwarts Express Arrival” as an entrance. (This affects walking times since you start at the back of the park, although you will need to guess your own arrival time on the train and set that as your plan’s start time.)
  2. Add a “Return Trip” on Hogwarts Express, even though that return trip originates in a separate park. (This is only useful with Optimize if you exit the train and get right back in line for the return trip. If you’re creating your own plan and use Evaluate to see how the times work out, you could put a “break” between the two train steps to block off time to spend in the other park).
  3. If you only add a Hogwarts Express departure (and not the return trip), Optimize will put that step last because it takes you out of the park, thus ending your plan.
  4. Diagon Alley Entrance and Exit steps get inserted on plans that include Diagon Alley activities. This should not affect your touring, but we may use these later if Diagon Alley’s access is controlled like it was when it first opened.

Also, although this is not specific to UOR, walking times to and from meals and in-park rests should be calculated more realistically. (Previously, we assumed 10 minutes.)

If you run into problems that you cannot resolve, please get the web address of your plan (e.g., and email it and a description of your issue to so that we can investigate.

Happy planning!


Great updates! Thanks for the heads-up!

@ejj - this is the second half of the update we started last week.

@len, awesome, thanks for the heads up. Will be using the evaluate button a lot later. :wink:

@Len I tested this out on a couple of plans and it is working exactly as expected. Of course, I had to increase the duration of a couple of meals because I’d previously decreased them to account for the 10-minute default walk time before & after each meal, but I totally expected to do that.

Kudos to you & your team on yet another brilliant enhancement.

As an aside, I’ve noticed that periodically wait times & show times are adjusted, so it’s a good idea to tell everyone who makes a PTP to re-evaluate shortly before one’s trip to get the latest data.

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