Impromptu Trip

So we are popping out to WDW next month, just booked it today. Just DH and I, not even staying on property, as I booked a package with JetBlue, and the package was LESS than airfare alone. (Side note, loving JetBlue having a non-stop LAX-MCO! It’s even a red eye out there, and later flight home, which is the exact flight schedule I prefer)

Not concerned about FP+ plans or any of that. But was thinking maybe we should try some fun dining. Any recommendations? Probably just two meals, we have some specific things planned for two of the days we are there, so we kind of need dinner our first day and lunch our last day.

Not bringing V&A appropriate attire, so that is OUT. However it was mentioned that another signature has a Chefs Table? Maybe California Grill? Any thoughts on that?

Ooooooo, I am so excited! Open to all suggestions! Plan to do VERY minimal planning on this trip!

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I think Flying Fish used to have a special chef’s counter? Maybe Jiko too?