Impact of Wheelchair/ECV use on Touring Plans?

Just injured my foot and head to WDW on Sunday for a week–with a 12 and 14 yo by myself. I’ve rented an electric scooter, but I’m really curious about the crowds and how that will impact my ability to get around, and more importantly the timing of getting around. I haven’t been to WDW since 2012, but I grew up in FLA going to WDW and worked as a CM during their college program, so feel I know things well–aside from the new rides.

I’ve used an ECV in other theme parks and know it’s not a picnic. I’ve done a lot of research and know about the maps for those with disabilities to know which rides you have to transfer, be ambulatory, etc. I also know about the DAS pass and that I"m unlikely to qualify given that my issue can be resolved with a wheelchair.

I’ve been reading first person accounts of using ECV in the parks and I’m just looking for impacts of the timing on the touring plans suggested. I set my plans to be ‘slow’ to account for the difficulties I"m expecting. Is that sufficient? I look at the pictures of crowds on days that are 6 and 7 and I’m cringing.

I set my speed to very relaxed for my DH. He has MS and we probably should have got the DAS - he has a lot more problems than just mobility - but we didn’t. But the plans held up, we had no problem. Crowd levels were probably an average of 7-8.


pushing my mom in a wheelchair, i set my walking speed to very relaxed and waiting vs. walking to minimize walking. crowds levels were 5–7 and the plans worked well.


Thanks so much. Glad to hear the plans held up for you in crowds of 7-8. Were there things you felt you guys felt you had to miss because the crowds were just so intense? Or adjustments you had to make that would be good to know in advance?

Thanks so much–good idea to also switch to minimize walking. I was debating about that one, but getting through the crowds of people is another aspect I’m dreading. We’ll have 2 days at MK and I set up our FP so that they are grouped geographically, so makes since to do this with the overall day. Crowd levels are slated to be between 5 and 7 for us.

The only potential issue I remember at all was at FotLK. We had a FP - I don’t know why because we never use FPs for shows but we did - and we arrived really close to the end of the window. They told us we might not be allowed in because there were already a lot of ECVs in and they didn’t think they had space for any more. They did let us in, and I actually saw several other come in ages after us.

So try to arrive early for any shows because space for ECVs could be limited.

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working our way around the parks (and crowds) with little to no crisscrossing took a bit of planning but ultimately worked best for this trip. the limited walking feature helped so much.

the slower pace demanded by navigating a wheelchair through crowds was a change from typical touring but it did not take away from the experience. i definitely needed to be more flexible with planning and expectations though not in a negative way.

your foot injury may slow things down but i see no reason why it would affect the trip overall. it’ll be a great time! :grinning:

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