Impact of boarding groups on fast pass reservations

I have built a customized touring plan for my visit to Hollywood studios. The plan recommends that I try to grab a boarding group for Rise of resistance whenever one is available and then ride off plan, resuming the touring plan once I am done. Does anyone know how this will impact the fast pass reservations that I will be making for that day? if I happen to get a boarding group before my fast pass reservation then this could make me late for my fast pass reservation. What would you recommend in this case?

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It has no impact - boarding groups are unrelated to fastpass or reservations. get a BG then stick to your plan. when your BG is called you will have two hours to return and get in line (sometimes this will be an hour though). Just handle that return as any unplanned change to your TP. if it interferes with a fast pass or dining reservation go to the BG line then explain the conflict with a cast member there or at the ride/dining location after you get off Rise. They will accommodate.