I'm sure this has been asked before

But I searched and couldn’t find a concrete answer…
I booked my 11 month rooms (split stay for easier modifying) and borrowed a few points from my 2023 UY.
If I end up modifying my trip to a lesser point room, I understand those points will remain in my 2022 use year, they won’t go back to 2023, BUT, would those points be used up first leaving my 2022 actual use year points to be banked at a later date? I hope this is a clear question…

The system is always supposed to use the restricted points first (banked or borrowed). You can always call MS to fix any mistakes. They will not exchange those borrowed points at 7 months for a non home resort booking that you booked at 11 months (does that make sense?).

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So would I have to essentially cancel my booking then rebook in order for those borrowed points to be used first (If I book a non home resort)?

I believe so but @Nickysyme might be able to confirm.

I know it is why the points are not applied if you do the “modification” trick (usually will reassign points- I have heard, it has never worked for me because I book at 11 months). I don’t know if you call or chat if they will do it for you.

I think if you modify and change nothing that it will then reassign the points to use the banked points first.

Assuming you’re modifying a booking at your home resort.

But you can also call and have MS do it. Don’t cancel unless MS say they can’t do it.

Modifying with no changes will definitely reshuffle them. I had so many changes due to COVID, my points were mess amd did this at your suggestion. When I cancelled anything I immediately “reshuffled” my points starting at my closest booking to my furthest away.

After you book (or modify with no changes) the final page will give the option of seeing your point usage. I always open this and take a photo as it is the best list of how your points are used anywhere on the site but it only appears at this point in the process!

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You only have one contract?

I had transfer points - which is why there are two in the picture. But that is a crucial distinction, it only reshuffles within the contract, not between contracts.