I'm so excited! And I just can't fight it

Well my FP day has come and gone and now I am bursting with excitement about our trip!!! We r staying at AKL and we have not ever been in Disney for Christmas. Our kids 6/8 have no idea about the trip. My husband has no idea I booked the MVMCP or that there even is one. I’m the crazy planning Disney maniac! I’ve bought stuff to wear for the party, Disney Christmas shirts,and even some fun surprises. Now I’m just changing and re-changing our touring plans cause I want everything to be as least hectic as possible. Anyone crazy like me?


Crazy? I think you are perfectly reasonable!


My FP today was today. I got most of what I wanted & even though I had to reorganize some things, I’m feeling really relieved to be done this important step. Now that I’ve jumped over this hurdle, I’m actually feeling MUCH more excited than I have so far in the planning process. Sure, it’s getting closer so that makes it more real, but now it feels more like it’s the FUN stuff left to plan! Yippee! We’re doing MVMCP one night which is not a surprise to the adults, but is to the kids. And a surprise to everyone (except me) is that I booked a private fireworks boat for our party of 10 one evening so I’m really excited about that! Enjoy all your planning!

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Sounds completely normal to me too. Tinkering with plans never really ends. Until the trip is over…then if you’re lucky it starts all over again!!


Mine is oblivious like this too!

Yes, we are all seem this crazy :upside_down:

Don’t fight it, just own it!


You’re not crazy. Just being a Liner:)


I think you fit right in here. Keep on tinkering. . .

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It’s amazing how good it feels when the FPP day has passed and you know what you are dealing with :grinning:
We got all we wanted, so very excited too. Kids have no idea we ar dong MVMCP, and while I told DH I’d be surprised if he remembers :joy:

59 days to go!!!


All sounds normal, FPP day is the most stressful part, especially when you are doing them for a party of 11. Mine was Monday, it feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now the fun part, playing with the TP.

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I’m with u as far as the husband goes. Mine wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about if I wrote MVMCP or told him we r going to a party

Yup! I just ordered the hubby his Christmas Vest to go along with mine.

I am planning, planning, planning every day until we are home from the trip. When are you going?

Nov 27-dec 6


Fun, we will be there at the same time. Nov 24 to Dec 2

We will be there December 1-8! I have never been at Christmas and I just got our tickets to MVMCP! There isn’t much I can do right now, but I am on MDE and TP every day reading stuff and planning our attack. I am so excited!!!

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Congrats! Happy planning!