I'm so confused :(

We have the opportunity to go to WDW with a group. The hotels they picked were POP, POR, and AKL. We stayed GF-CL our last trip which was so special. I can’t imagine staying at POR since we have never stayed there. We usually stay at CBR and once did the Pop.

BUT…if we rent points we can stay at OKW studio and AKV studio for the same as POP. BUT…they are not close to the parks. BUT…we can stay at AKV studio -CL for just a bit more…not close BUT…for only 100 more then AKV-CL I can stay at GF. I love GF, but my mom loved CL but DH wants to stay at the pop and DD wants to stay in the GF main bldg CL…I’;ve got a headache now.

We have 3 adults and 1 teenager. I know that when we do regular booking we add an extra $15 per night, do we pay extra a night when we book DVC?

DVC: we only get mousekeeping on the 4th days?

Any suggestions? I’m traveling with my mom who requires a handicapped/roll in shower room: Do DVC’s come that way?

If you are renting DVC points you do not pay extra for additional adults like you do with a normal resort booking.

For stays of 7 nights or less you will get Trash and Towel service on Day 4. For stays of 8 nights or longer you will get a full cleaning on Day 4 and Trash and Towel on Day 8. Additional cleanings or T&T are available for a fee.

There are DVC rooms with handicap rooms - the RoomFinder database at DVCNews has H/A as one of its search criteria http://dvcnews.com/index.php/dvc-program/roomfinder-databases. I’m pretty sure the TouringPlans Room Finder does too.

I have found that transportation at AKL was consistently quicker and easier to the parks than GF since AKL does not share transportation with another resort.
I think I would be more concerned with the room size/sleeping arrangements in the studio.

Thank you brklink! For some reason the TP and DVCnews are not working with a CL, HA…??

PrincipalTinker: I do not understand what you mean by room size/sleeping arrangements in a studio? I see that they have 1 queen bed and one sleeper sofa…Am I missing something? Thank you for easing my mind about transportation :slight_smile:

Yes, most DVC Studios have 1 Queen bed and 1 Double sleeper sofa - if your crew are good with that, then you are all set. Note that OKW studios are the largest at WDW, and they have 2 Queen beds.

You should also be aware DVC AKL CL is one of the hardest to obtain and is one of the first to go at 11 months out.

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Well I was wondering about the teenager sharing a sleep sofa with the adult? I was just checking that everyone was comfortable with that. The rooms look a little tight.

Thanks Outer1. No wonder no one seems to have it. I was about to do Davids and see if he has it.

PrincipalTinker: My DD usually makes a little area for herself on the floor. She slept in the Murphy bed at GF and by the table at CBR. Thanks for checking. Some people may not realize the limited space. Nothing bad going on, but I can see how 3 adults and 1 teen in a small room may sound odd.

Keep in mind that different brokers all access the same inventory as far as rooms that are available.

THANKS Outer1, I did not know that…so I guess asking all the brokers is pointless.

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The only difference would be if your were renting privately direct from an owner. Sometimes they will book popular rooms and then sell that reservation.

Well, there are two factors in play here: actual room availability and availability of points that are applicable for the reservation you want to make. Different brokers may have different point “inventories”, but they are all constrained by the rooms. David’s has a good page that indicates in general when you need to book a certain room type - check it out to see what should be available in your time frame.

@Outer1 makes a good point - owners sometime make desirable reservations that they rent out directly. Check out the Rental boards at MouseOwners.com and DISBoards to see what is on offer. Also, check out http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/01/tips-renting-disney-vacation-club-points/ - a lot of good info there. :wink:


Thank you brklinck and Outer1. I did not realize how difficult it can be to get availability. And, thank you for the links.

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