Im really struggling with Touring Plans

So i have started with the 2 day MK family plan, put my date in and optimised twice.
I have selected prioritise wait times over walking and set walk speed as relaxed.

Why would the plan have pooh then jungle cruise and others first from 9am and 7DMT at 3pm?? giving a 1 hour queue time?

surely a plan would direct me to that then BTMR first?

So i manually dragged 7DMT to first and optimised and evaluated it then created the below!

arriving at 9 and then taking a 4 hour break… at 10:15??

  1. Jungle Cruise

  2. Splash MountainTEENS: Ride Splash Mountain in Frontierland.
    If the wait exceeds 30 minutes, use FASTPASS. TEENS: Ride Splash
    Mountain in Frontierland

  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    TEENS: Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland. Teens: Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland.

  4. Rest
    10:15am for 240 minutes
    Eat lunch. PARENTS: Return to your hotel for a mid-day break after lunch. TEENS: Continue touring the park.


Check the time in your break again.

Also, you might not have enough attractions in your plan (too much “free time”) and the optimizer is using that.

Also, only use evaluate when moving the steps around and wanting to keep things in a certain order. If you optimize again it will switch everything again.

It does take some finessing to get a comfortable order.

Thanks but didn’t alter the break time I chose the pre prepared plan?

Also what I think I’m not getting is how can any optimised plan NOT put one of the really busy rides in first if arrival time is 9am??

7dmt queue wait goes up so fast that TP estimated wait at 9am is not drastically low (few people actually make it at front of pack with no wait). and with relaxed walking speed you won’t actually get to the queue at 9am. By hitting short ride length rides at RD that have longer queues later you will save more overall time than hitting 1-2 longer rides. PP, Pooh, UTS are good for RD followed by BTMR and splash because the wait times go up quicker for the 1st 3 and they are short rides. Overall the wait time saved by hitting those 5 makes it better to do first than 7dmt.

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Ah very logical thanks :slight_smile: