I'm in!

I finally got around to calling ticketing services to make our park passes for August. We had a problem with the system taking the wrong ticket at the tapstyles when we went for our mini trip in December. When I tried to make park passes, it said we didn’t have tickets. The CM who helped me said to avoid this, use the ticket cards and request them to be linked only to the tickets you intend to use on that trip. She said it happens a lot when people have multiple packages/kinds of tickets booked for different trips. I didn’t know you could link cards to specific tickets, I thought it was all linked to the same account just like MB’s. But I will definitely give it a try! I will also, in the future, have a pencil handy to write down the name of the CM helping on the phone. It took so long to fix the problem that by the time we hung up I’d forgotten, and I really wanted to leave her good feedback. After two hours on hold, and I was feeling sick also (vaccine side effects kicked in while I was on hold.) I was really struggling with things like my computer that crashed right when she picked up, or locating the buttons on the website that she was describing. She was so patient and helpful.

But OMG, yay for being “locked in”!!! It somehow feels more official!!!