I'm In Posting Jail

Catching up on @DumboRunner’s trip and apparently I have exceeded the max # of replies. So this is out of order and out of place but I had to respond to this

Perfectly, perfectly stated.

I was watching The Imagineering Show last week. And they said something to this effect. That Disney Parks (for me, Disney World) gives people a place to go where, no matter what is going on for them personally or in the world, they can know that “it’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.” And I just started crying when they said it. Because it’s THIS that keeps us coming back again, and again, and again. When I am there, I am reminded that everything is going to be okay.

And with that I’ll quit spamplying to your post :wink: Glad you had a wonderful time. Thanks for taking us along with you


Thank you :heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Isn’t that just a warning? I know I’ve had it several times, so I just cut and paste and then just add a post rather than reply). But maybe you got a different message.

Anyway, I’ll echo @DumboRunner’s and your sentiments.

That though is why I spend so much time on forums even though my next trip will be four years after my last. It helps maintain the bubble for me, whether it’s reading about other people’s trips or trying to help other people plan a trip .


If you reply 3 times in a row to the same thread, you can’t post on it again until someone replies to you directly. Actually we did ask for it to be increased so it might be 6 now.


Oh interesting!

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I don’t look at it as jail. I also get messages that I am replying too fast. Then I keep hitting reply on my phone until it works. I like to see how the time to reply counts down.

It wasn’t the “shut up you talk too much” one. It was the “we’re pretty sure you’re a troll or a bot so you’re blocked until someone proves otherwise by responding to you” one.

Which I still hate.


That’s the one and it is 6.

Which is still crummy. But I don’t blame you :wink::wink:


I think the only way to post in the thread is to edit your last post to either post additional info there, or to ask for a reply, which then allows more posts?

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Ohhhhhhh, not had that one before!