I'm going to Disneyland Paris! (now featuring Trip Report!)

Can’t wait to hear about it.

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looking forward to trip pictures and lots of FOOD pics!-

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You finally get to go to a Disney park!! I’m jealous you are going in 2020. September 2021 here I come


Ooh, I’m looking forward to your report! We’ve got DLP on the list for some day in the future! Looking forward to following along!


Can’t wait to follow. How exciting!


I thought I’d better not start a new thread, so the trip report will be posted here.

Developments overnight . . .

DLP does have ADRs and, as of last week, you can make them in the DLP app. Me being me, because I can book ADRs I felt like I should. There don’t appear to be consequences for being a no-show. Though the system is smart enough to know if you’ve double-booked — as with MDE if you book another ADR within an hour of an existing one it will ask you to choose which one you want to keep.

Not all restaurants are open — in particular, the ones in the hotels that are not open are themselves not open, which includes a few very popular ones. So the list was relatively short.

I knew I wanted Bistro Chez Remy — the theming looks so cute (as, indeed, is the whole area in which it’s located) and I’m obsessed with the Ratatouille ride, despite never having seen the movie. (I don’t know if the ride is the same as the one soon to open in the France Pavillion at Epcot. I’m assuming it is. Also, I have downloaded the Ratatouille movie onto my iPad to watch during the journey to France.)

Who needs to go to France when the DLP theming makes you feel like you’re actually there!

Oh. Wait.

Now, DLP has two parks — Parc Disneyland (hereafter known as “MK” because that’s basically what it is) and Walt Disney Studios (hereafter known as “WDS”). The Ratatouille stuff is in WDS, which is currently closing at 7pm. The latest dinner reservation I could find was for 5pm and I felt I probably wouldn’t want to sacrifice that park time. So what I’ve done is book a late lunch on my last day.

This is the ADR I’m most likely to keep because I like the theming and I’ve read good things about the food.

I then looked at all the other available restaurants and reviewed their menus and looked at reviews. As I said in an earlier post, the pricing is pretty outrageous. I saw a cheesecake dessert for about $15. And a fruit plate for about $12.

Here’s what I went for —

Captain Jack’s for lunch on Day 1. The attraction for me here is that it’s incorporated into POTC, and the theming is great. Apparently the food isn’t.


Cape Cod for dinner on Day 1. This is at the Newport Bay Club hotel (hereafter NBC, which is basically YC). It’s your standard upmarket fish restaurant. I’m not expecting it to be as good as FF.

Plaza Gardens for lunch on Day 2. Beautiful looking restaurant with decent-sounding food.

Finally, Yacht Club at NBC. (Confusing, huh? YC at DLP is a restaurant not a hotel.) Which seems to be your basic upmarket steak restaurant.

Now, I don’t think I’m going to end up keeping all of these. I’ll see how I feel. I started a thread about indoor dining and COVID and I’ve had mixed opinions. I may make a judgement at the time when I check-in and look inside.

At the same time, I really want this to be a relaxed, roses-stopping-and-smelling trip. I want to think, “Hmm, I’m hungry. Let’s see what my options are.” We’ll see.

In other news . . .

I watched a great YouTube video from two women who have just visited. This opened my eyes to some great attractions that I wouldn’t even have known about or considered that I’m now excited to ride. It also reconfirmed the general consensus that MK (at DLP) is a really beautiful park. I also keep hearing that, where DLP’s MK has the same ride as WDW’s MK (BTMR, POTC, IASW, PP, HM, Space Mountain) the one at DLP is usually better. Based on what I’ve seen online I’d say that this seems to be true.

Three more sleeps to go! (Well, four. I’m not actually go to a park till Monday.)

Oh, this is the type of room I’ll be staying in:


From The Imagineering Story, it was simultaneously meant to be the most beautiful to attract the refined sensibilities of Europeans and the French in particular, and nearly bankrupted them in the process! I am most excited to see the kind of beauty there not found in the American parks!


Thats a unique room! Looks big too!

How have you not seen Ratatouille yet!!! Glad you’ve downloaded it to your ipad, but I’m a little disappointed that between your love of food and your love of Disney, it’s taken you this long. In fact, I’m kind of wondering why you spent time showing us pictures of restaurants you may or may not go to while you could have been watching the film… (but seriously, looking forward to your trip!)


I’ve hardly watched any Disney movies. I’m not really into cartoons. Except Family Guy, but there doesn’t seem to be a Family Guy area at WDW. Or DLP.

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They aren’t “cartoons.” They are “animated features!”

Now…pardon me, but would have any Grey Poupon?


Okay, okay. I know your story - you’re late to the magic of WDW and all that so I can forgive the lack of “Disney movie” background a bit. But Pixar?! They’re in a league of their own. Watch the first 20 minutes of Up and tell me you’re not in a puddle weeping on the ground. Or set time aside for Wall-E and marvel at the beauty of an essentially “silent” film conveying so much without dialogue. Or how about Toy Story 3? Watch it and tell me you don’t get an overwhelming sense of wanting to go back in time and kick your own butt for not treating your toys better… YOU HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK TO DO.

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This is the best news! I can’t wait to read your trip report.

We just got home from being away (to you know where) after 7 days. Our cats were not amused, but they’ll warm up in a day or so. I hope Calvin is a little more forgiving.


True. On the other hand, The best moments of “Up!” are the first 20 minutes. The movie kind of goes downhill after that. Still enjoyable at times, but not nearly the quality of those first 20! :slight_smile:

I totally agree with this! (Although, I was a little lost to the idea of droids in love…they could have done without that bit.)


I forgot to mention that I have seen the Toy Story movies. Multiple times.


Are you serious? That’s like the best part of the movie! (Also a great part of World of Color, which maybe makes me biased.) Personally the part I didn’t like was the whole last 30 minutes or so. Kinda lost its epicness.

Okay, now my opinion of you is completely changed. I can finally respect you! :smiley:


Wow, what a turn of events! And $1,400 seems like a bargain! Can’t wait to hear all about it. We are hoping to do DLP next fall if you all over there will let us in by then.


They should add a Family Guy area to SWGE based on their parody of the Star Wars films.


This all looks awesome! I hope you have a great trip.

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