I'm going to Disney World (when are you going?)


We just booked our trip for President's Day week next year at the Contemporary. We've only ever stayed ay Port Orleans Riverside and with DS5, we are excited to get some much needed time back by staying closer.


I hope you love the Contemporary! That was the very first place I ever stayed at WDW (in 1971!) and it made such an impression on me.

Our next trip is October 24-30 and we are staying at POP for 2 nights and Boardwalk Inn for the rest of the trip! VERY excited to stay there (we've been to POP before and like that very much, too.)


We are going 12/21 - 12/31. This is for our honeymoon. She was given a number of options on where to go for the Honeymoon and after a very long time to think about where to go (Disney World was the last one mention and she said Disney World as soon as I mentioned it) she picked Disney World. We are both so looking forward to this trip. Plan on doing some special things that we wouldn't normally do.


We are going 21st October till 4th November. Staying at the GF, first time staying here, we usually stay at WL, but have stayed off site a couple of times too. I love staying at a monorail hotel as MK is our favourite park!


My countdown is at 107 days. I have it on my dry-erase board at work. :grinning:


We're going last week nov early December. Staying at AK this time . We went once before and stayed at WL and the kids loved the bunk beds . Loved it there but figured we try another bunk bed hotel for the kids​:blush:


Leaving in 4 DAYS! Staying at GF 6/25-7/3 for the first time. Haven't started packing yet.


Old Key West 9/11-9/13 (girls' trip just for the food & wine festival)
Beach Club/Bay Lake Tower split stay 11/25-12/2


Staying BC CL for the first time 11/26-12/2 for our 20th anniversary (my husband proposed to me next to Cindy's-my fave princess and we honeymooned there same time as davidjenkins1961 way back in 97) , my son's 12th bday (on the 28th), my daughters belated 16th bday, and my youngest skipping 2nd grade! What a year! Can't wait-only 158 days to go!!!


we're still in the early phases of planning for Sept 2018 Food & Wine..how did you like Riverside...pros/cons? It is on our list if we can budget for it. Also looking at CBR.


We are now less than 1 year away for a 3-week trip to include WDW, Universal, and Busch Gardens Tampa. Been planning and saving for 3 years for this trip!


Our family will be there 2/23-3/3 for our second visit to the world! We were originally going to be staying at AOA suites again but now thinking of going to POP and with the extra money doing a dessert party or EMM.


I'm going with my sister for our birthday week 11/26-12/2, staying at the POP. It's my first trip to WDW outside of a quick trip back in 1993 when I was a teenager! My sis goes with her family and loves it, and her enthusiasm has caught me up :slight_smile: Very excited for our trip!


We stayed at the Contemporary in May 2016 and loved it, it was so easy walking back and forth to the MK. Next trip is hopefully September 2019 for my 50th birthday and Food and Wine.


3rd week of November, staying at AOA-Cars


Riverside is the jam. We have stayed there twice. We were planning on Contemporary, but my mother-in-law has decided to come and didn't want to spend that much, so we downgraded to French Quarter this time. We wanted a different experience than Riverside. I can't say enough good things about that place.


We are going around the same time @pmoriart !

Likely arriving on on 2/22 and doing 5 nights. Will hopefully be at YC, but also hoping for discounts...


So I had a thread a while back about trying to convince my wife to go back. We just went in November with my 6 year old twin daughters (now 7). My wife didn't want to go back because it isn't a relaxing vacation. We opted for a cruise next year (sorry Disney, I just can't justify your prices on cruises, so we are going on another line) and actually leave 1 year from today. After much pleading, I told her (and showed her) how excited the girls would be if we were to surprise them by telling them we are going back. So, we agreed that 3 years from now on the day they get out of 3rd grade, we are going to surprise them. Now, the only question in my mind was how long to stay. That answer was easy to me, but I thought my wife may not go for it. 10 days. I asked her about doing 2 days each in Epcot, AK, and HS and 4 days in MK. What do you know? She said she was up for that! So 3 years from now, I'll be going back to the World and making even more memories with my kids. And get a few more of those Cronuts!


We are going August 11th (16nts) spending a couple of nights at Lowes Royal Pacifica and 14nts at Old Key West so excited 49 days and counting our first time on Disney Property usually stay off site