I'm going to Disney World in June!

Virginia schools were closed for the remainder of the year on March 13. My kids were devastated. I would be shocked if your kids go back to school. The stay at home order until June 10 made me lose hope of keeping summer plans. I would love to see an opening date, summer or not, any date!

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We have officially canceled our May trip…but then also decided that rescheduling for June was wishful thinking. If we cancelled the reservation we had made in June, rather than reschedule, we would get half of the cost back. If we rescheduled and still couldn’t go in June, we’d get nothing back.

So, our backup of August is our primary plan now. Even so, if, by some miracle, Disney opens in June, we can still book a last-minute house rental (lots of availability!) and go in June. The August house rental is fully refundable until July 8.


I’ve made some plans, too.

I’ve written off my June trip as impossible and I’ve kinda made my peace with that. Kinda.

I had an October trip booked which I was always less excited about. Partly for a slightly dumb reason. I had upgraded to Premium Economy seats for the outbound flight, but couldn’t afford the upgrade for the return — the pricing was three times as much as for the outbound flight. Crazy! Well, yesterday they just dropped it by two-thirds. I took this as a sign and booked the upgrade. So now I’m happy about my flights.

Which means if the October trip is possible, then I’m taking it. I’m going to take my all-new attitude. I’m not booking any upcharge events in advance. There’s MNSSHP on three nights of my trip and I’ll book that when I’m there and when I know what the weather’s going to be like. No more rained-out events for me.

Obviously I’m going to plan the trip a bit. But not crazily. Honestly, I just want to wander aimlessly around drinking it all in and being grateful that it’s there.


In other words…taking time to smell the roses! :smiley:

Hope it works out. Listen. Eventually, SOMEONE’s plans has to work out. :slight_smile:


I will be VERY curious to see what happens with WDW in terms of opening dates, etc. My DD is a cheerleader and we were supposed to be down there for the D2 Summit (original dates May 9-11). The company that runs the comp is insisting that it is only postponed and not cancelled and as of right now is saying “tentative new dates” are June 19-22. Apparently this has been worked out with Disney. If you try to book Pop or any of the AS resorts between June 17- June 26 they are sold out and Varsity buys out these resorts for the competition. I 100% think that mid June will not be “back to normal”, or even remotely so. Up here in MA our schools are closed until AT LEAST May 4th and my gut is telling me it will be pushed to close through the end of the school year, unfortunately. Many of the states have already closed, have Stay At Home orders, etc. so these cheer gyms cannot even be open for the athletes to practice. My other thought is that FL is definitely a “Hot Spot” for Covid-19 and I cannot imagine everyone feeling safe to fly down to Orlando, or anywhere else in FL for that matter. I am very surprised that Disney allowed Varsity to even book/reschedule to such an early date since they are still offering refunds to all trips through June 30th. I guess the main point of my post is that I think mid June is unrealistic for them to even be open, and I am curious why Disney even allowed them to book that early.

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What, if anything, have you decided about that extra ticket? Did you buy the Oct. tickets already? What will happen to your June tickets?

Inquiring minds want to know. :wink:

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Well . . . I assume that at some point Disney will have to admit that my June trip is not going ahead and they’ll have to refund the package, which included dated tickets. Or give me the opportunity to reschedule it.

The October trip was not a package and so the tickets are independent and can be used up until the end of September 2021.

It’s not clear if I’m going alone in October or with my chum. I’ll certainly need one of my tickets. The other? Well, I’ll maybe use it next year. Or I’ll use both in October and double my FPPs.


I’m sorry that your kids are devastated. So was my niece who lives in VA. My oldest child decided after 2 weeks that he was definitely going back to school right away b/c he needed the structure; I had to explain to him that it’s not his choice etc. etc. He’s 13.

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Thank you for posting this! I had tentatively rescheduled our April trip to June 17-22 with an ASMo reservation and yesterday was surprised that not only could I not add on an extra night 6/22 but no Value resort was available for the 17-23 except AOA. With this in mind I will definitely change away from ASMo. I also have backups booked in August and September because who knows what will actually happen. But I have a SW flight credit that expires 7/8 so trying to go before then if it is reasonable to do so.

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We have a June and October trip booked right now. October is the reschedule of Spring Break.

June we just booked (knowing it was unlikely to happen), to take advantage of free dining as a result of Spring break being bumped (confused yet?). It’s weird to be spending time planning a trip I don’t think will happen…but feels like I have to plan (ADRs/FPs) just in case?

I feel the same about planning our end of July/first week of August trip. The planning is a stress reliever, yet at the same time I’m not sure the trip will happen. It is supposed to a trip for just DS11 and me, the first “big” trip we’ve done just me and him, and he is so excited. Even if the parks are open then I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll feel in going ahead with it.