I'm going to cancel an 8AM breakfast at BOG on an EMH day Nov 29. Anyone interested? We can link up a time for me to cancel if you are

I know these things can be tricky, but wanted to give someone from this community a chance if you wanted one.

Just be aware that unfortunately, there is no 'PPO Breakfast" on 11/29. That morning MK has its EMH so the park opens (to resort guests) at 8AM. So the best ya got is just an early breakfast.

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That’s why I am going to cancel it. I was just thinking if someone wanted it, I could cancel when they are ready.

And you can, but you are telling them it’s pre RD in the title and it’s not.

My apologies. I was not trying to deceive anyone. I was actually just trying to do something nice.

It is PPO for offsite guests. I guess that’s what I meant. I got it thinking it would be PPO for me, but since I am staying onsite, it is not.

No I didn’t mean you were trying to deceive anyone! But even for an offsite guest there is a huge difference between an actual pre RD breakfast and an 8am breakfast when there are EMH. And onsite guests may not realise it’s an EMH day.

I would just reword the title if I was you, to something like 8am breakfast on EMH day.

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