I'm going back to WDW! Want to help me plan my trip?

Do you have any idea how long it took me to get the acroynms around here? Lol. I got this one after a moment. I must be adapting.

I keep throwing new ones at my hubby. It’s like a game. IASW gets me almost every time.


It will be several years after this before we do another trip to WDW, but I can’t imagine not taking my husband to Galaxys Edge and springing for the swanky hotel. We’re huge nerds. He’s really into Tron and Star Wars, etc. Maybe it’ll be a 10th anniversary gift or something. That gives me 8 years. Lol

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The older I’ve gotten, the less “nerdy” I’ve become in regards to such things. But Star Wars, for me, is almost formative in nature for me. The little 10-minute movie they played at HS before the opening of Star Wars:The Force Awakens literally had me in tears because it evoked those same emotions and adventurous spirit I had as a kid when I watched Star Wars:A New Hope more times than I can count. (I actually stopped counting around 40 times.) But some of my love for Star Wars fell by the wayside when George Lucas decided to make the prequels. He did such a pitiful job. But the new films are re-igniting that excitement for me. I doubt I’ll ever actually go to the Star Wars hotel due to cost, but I can tell you that the idea of going sounds like a blast! By the time I go, however, I could play the role of the wise, OLD Obi-Wan.


Agreed! It will either have to be a split stay or a really short trip! Lol


I loved following along with you this summer as we were there a week or so before. you did a lot of fun stuff we couldn’t do with a four year old. :slight_smile: Ours was supposed to be a one and done trip as well. But now we are talking about going back November 2022 or 2032 before my son turns 10.


I can’t help thinking that for the sort of person you are and touring style you have, that the Swan/Dolphin might be the best bet.

Granted, you don’t get access to DME, but the other perks seem to be about the same for a better price.

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This is so great. I was scrolling through and saw your face on your updated avatar…

This is a great plan. I admittedly did not read everyone’s comments, so pardon me if this is redundant. By 2022 the Riviera will be open and who knows how many other new hotels.

We once made a last minute trip that was taken within about a month from plan to execution. That was in the good old days of 2009 when attendance was low. We stayed at Pop. Loved it.

I think for longer stays, especially if you think you’ll take it slow, a nicer hotel with a balcony or patio would be a good thing. You may find yourself spending a bit more time at the hotel and you should enjoy it. The All Stars, though I like them and appreciate them, are no fun to hang out in.


I knew you couldn’t stay away :rofl:

Looking forward to this!


It made me smile to see this. I so enjoy all your planning and trip reports. If you are trying to keep costs down but still stay on property somewhere you’d be happy, you could try the first part of your split stay at a moderate like POFQ (this one seems to get a lot of liner love), stay a couple of days at a Universal Hotel that includes express pass and then finish off your stay at the deluxe of your choice. Or if you care more about the experience than cost one part of stay at MK deluxe, Universal Hotel, other part at EP hotel. If you are trying to watch costs and can’t quite swing/justify 14 days on property, you could look at a 10 or 12 day trip - I think you would find it a better paced trip than 7 days.