I'm going back to WDW! Want to help me plan my trip?

Me and my clickbait titles, eh? What am I like?

I was listening to the Backside of Magic podcast and fondly reminiscing about the two trips I’ve taken in the last year and I thought to myself, “well, maybe I will go back one day.”

Taken both separately and together those two trips were amazing — and all-encompassing. So if I were to take another trip I’d change three things.

First, I’d make it much longer — Disney offers 14 tickets for the price of 7 for UK peeps, and they’re all singing, all-dancing tickets. Two weeks means no panicking to get things done. If it rains all day one day well, whatever. That still leave 13 other days. FPP tiers causing difficulties? No problem. Do FEA on one day, Soarin’ on another. Simples. And on a longer trip, I’d make the effort to visit Disney Springs. (And a day-trip to UOR. And another to the KSC, perhaps?)

Second, I’d do things at a much more relaxed pace — no more rushing from the airport to MK, and no more rushing from MK to the airport. Take time to adjust to the time difference.

Third, much less use of premium add-ons. I’ve done a lot of the ones I want to do — some more than once. HEA is great and the dessert party is fun — but I’ve done it. Three times. And those expensive ADRs — are they really necessary? I’m not sure they are. I cancelled a whole bunch of them this year and didn’t regret it.

Now, before you get excited, practicalities mean that I’m talking about a trip in around 2022. I’m not ever going to go away and leave Calvin behind again — it’s too complicated. I’ve morosely said that when he dies, I’m throwing myself on his funeral pyre, but maybe a trip to WDW will be just what the grief counsellor orders. Plus I need to let my finances recover. And we can see what happens to the World Order over the next few years. And it’ll give SWGE a little bit of time to calm down a bit.

So, to my first question: How possible is it to book a very last minute trip?

Obviously time of year matters. If Calvin were to make his way across the rainbow bridge on 23rd December, I’m probably not getting on a flight the next day to Orlando.

But say it happens in February . . .

My next question: Where would I stay? The philosophy would be for a very chilled-out trip — and I think that has to mean staying on-property. Fourteen nights at YC would be lovely, but it would also cost a hilarious amount of money. Actually, fourteen nights anywhere might get a bit samey — so we’re probably talking a split stay. Play it by zone, perhaps. Week 1 somewhere near Epcot/DHS, Week 2 somewhere near MK or AK.

Obviously ASM is pretty cheap — I could probably stretch to 14 nights there but — ugh! — I’m not sure that’s the route to happiness. I’ve realised that room views don’t actually matter. I had a great view from the YC, but I only actually used it once in order to take a photo of it to show off what a great view I had. It was too hot to sit out there enjoying it. And the idea of Stormalong Bay is great, but I’m not sure I’d ever use it — it’s too hot during the day.

Somewhere snug and cosy — with a convenient location: that seems key. Maybe the cable car will be a game changer.

So — help me plan a last-minute fourteen-night stay, four years in advance!


This is a fun one!!! I have missed helping you plan! For split stay snug and cosy that wouldn’t break the bank…I’d probably split between Animal Kingdom Lodge (for your AK days and the amazing food/atmosphere!), Wilderness Lodge for your MK days and Boardwalk for your Epcot/HS days (while I don’t pay for views, I do prefer the Deluxe hotels - if you want to save a few extra bucks, maybe throw in a POFQ in place of one of them).

In terms of last minute, I’ve had some really good luck depending on the time of year. Last year I planned a January trip about 40 days out and was able to get all the FPs I wanted, including Flight of Passage. My birthday trip in June, I booked less than 30 days out and while I wasn’t able to get FOP, I only waited in a 45 minute line mid-day (unheard of! I was shocked). And I had no issues getting ADRs for either thanks to the Reservation Finder. With the help of my travel agent, I stayed at Beach Club with MVT rate for one and Boardwalk Villas on a passholder rate for the other - so availability wasn’t a problem. However, if I tried this for my currently booked early December trip, that would be a whole different story! I’ve been looking for a better hotel deal but practically nothing is available for that time. And no SDD FPP even at 60-64 days out.

I always say I will do a trip on the cheap. I start off at Pop Century with no add ons…by the end, I’m in Deluxe with a Dessert Party, EMM and the nighttime safari! Best of intentions and whatnot…


I’d stay OFF property. Rent a house, or condo. You can do that much more last minute, private pool, yada yada. You know the drill. Plus, it will save you a TON of money.

Only downside is the whole driving bit, though. Still, you could get two weeks at a rental property for the price of about 4 days at a value resort, methinks.


I say this because you HAVE done so much, that it isn’t really so much about getting all the FPPs, etc. Although, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Tron will be open by then.

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For now I will just comment that time of year will make a huge difference in this. Our BC view was great but in July it was too hot to go out and enjoy it - just opening the door to better the view was like opening a blast furnace. In December though at the GF we spent a lot of time on the deck enjoying the view as the weather made it pleasant to be outside and enjoy the view. Similar with the pool that in cooler times of year, swimming during the day may actually be preferable…

Well, if I were going to do that I could just stay in the house in Davenport again. Probably.

But staying on property seems so much easier, and it “saves” money as there are no transport costs. Except the day-trips. If I do them.

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Not that I don’t want you back in 4yrs, but LONG LIVE CALVIN! !!


For funzies I tried booking a last-minute 14-day trip starting on Monday next week.

14 nights at the Swan, plus 14 day park-hopper tickets (inc water parks and memory maker) would be £3,000.


This is so funny. I was thinking of you and missing your awesome presence here on my way to work this morning. I was considering the idea of taking up a collection for your next trip so we could all follow along with you again. Don’t be creeped out…I’m not a stalker, I swear. I just love reading your posts and following along with your trips.


Other non-Disney hotels (but still with Disney perks, e.g. early FPP) are even cheaper: under £2,000.



Now that is funny!!!

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Thank you! I’m here all night! Tip your waitstaff well!


Why do you have to make it so hard?


It’s just what I do.


We are staying at POP for $101 dollars per night this November and it’s not even the cheapest value resort. Is rental property really that cheap that you could stay TWO WEEKS for $400??

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That is also what she said!!! Lol.


Seriously no joke this thought has also crossed my mind.

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I’ll chip in! I’ve thought the same thing! :joy: Also, I feel like I owe a little something for getting to follow along with all the updates/photos during his last trip. I’m not a stalker either!

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You make a good point. I am comparing houses/condos that sleep 5 to 7 people that I can get for around $85-$110 a night. I haven’t looked at prices for places that would only need to sleep 1.


Last minute trips can be fun. We have done several and still managed to snag great ADRs and FPPs. For one person I think it is very doable. A two week stay sounds incredible. What about a moderate resort? We love POR.