I'm Going Back! Girls' Trip for Food & Wine

Two weeks ago, my best friend of 20+ years and I were both at Disney at the same time. We ran into each other completely by accident/fate outside of Skipper Canteen on a 9/10 crowd level day. We were both with our extended families, so we had about five minutes to celebrate before parting ways.

About five seconds after returning home, we decided that we need an adults-only girls trip for Food and Wine. So, though my last trip took nearly three years to materialize, it appears that I’m headed back for a three night, two day, trip at the end of October with four of my closest girlfriends. Treat yo self!

I’ve visited WDW with my family and kids and my high school students many a time, but never just with adults. One of the women is military, so we are able to get some really nice rates.

I could use some feedback and some advice.
First, plans:

  1. Arrival day we’ll likely do DS.
  2. Day #2: We’re planning at least a long afternoon/evening at Epcot for Food and Wine and Harmonious. (Maybe hopping somewhere else in the morning?)
  3. Day #3 is still up in the air - maybe Galaxy’s Edge? Maybe hopping?

Here’s where I need help:

  • Our resort options are likely to be Beach Club, Yacht Club, Swan Reserve, or Shades of Green. Any thoughts? I think it will likely come down to price (SOG/Swan Reserve) or convenience (Beach/Yacht).

  • What else should we consider doing? I’m hoping Behind the Seeds might be back by October. We’ll likely eat/drink around the festival. But I’ve always been so kid/teenager focused on these things, I don’t even know what the grown-up options are!

BFF and I after randomly running into each other at the busiest time in the busiest park on one of the busiest days of Spring Break 2022. Yes, we have matching sunglasses. No, we weren’t aware of that until this moment.


That’s amazing! I would totally do a bar crawl!!


Wow that’s crazy! I’d stick with one of the boardwalk area resorts. You could easily do HS in the AM and Epcot in the evening. I’d also spend a little time in AK and hit up Nomad Lounge and check out the animals too.


Second @LTinNC82 that if your focus is Food and Wine then a walkable resort to Epcot would be awesome. Plus walkable to sushi at Kimonos at Swolphin (I believe @seebee recommends Kimonos). That would be the plan for me and my BFF when we can finally have our mom getaway…

Although… we have friends that stay at SoG and speak really highly of how nice the resort and the rooms are, and it’s right in the MK area across from Poly and the monorail which would be equally convenient for bar crawl (not sure if that’s your priority but it would be mine for adults only trip lol). I think there is something about the military member needs to be there at initial check in but then afterwards the guests can come and go as they please. (Insert more reputable source here.) Didn’t know if you were all arriving at the same time so wanted to mention.

No wrong choice IMHO! You going to shoot for Cali Grill, Enchanted Rose, and other girly things? Or build lightsabers and do an epic nighttime photo shoot in Batuu? All of the above? (Ok I’ll stop living vicariously through you and just hang up and listen :star_struck:)