I'm giggling.....DVC call

Our trip is less than 30 days away. We have only made 2 prior trips, I’m not a master of any sort. I still post questions, silly questions to some, I’m sure.
Today, I received a call stating the CM was welcoming me home to POP and she had a special promotion for DVC, if I had time to call her back and she would email me the information.
:thinking: I’m staying at POP for a reason…$ because I don’t have $$$$$$ for DVC. :grin:
They must really want new DVC people to sign up if they are hitting the low visit, low budget, penny-pinching people…ahem…me.
I know everyone has their budget, but I’m no where near DVC spender type budgeting.


Wait till you get gifts in the mail…I am probably in their marketing bucket as a solid chance at getting me. I go 5-6 times a year and most of those are at Deluxes (renting points half the time probably). But I have some upcoming big trips and I know that 5-6 times a year isn’t going to continue starting next year soooooo I ignore them but i still get the gifts.


I plan to rent points at some point. But, I’m not there yet!

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Before we went in Jan of 2020, I recieved an offer to listen to a 20 minute thing about DVC on the phone and then they gave me a $25 Disney gift card. I cleaned the kitchen and listened to the guy talk on speakerphone and that was it. I’m not suggesting that this is likely similar or anything but figured it was worth mentioning in case there was an opportunity for a little free $.


I just got stickers and some other stuff that DD15 stole.

BTW I would buy if their points were better at other things like cruises/ABD. But those things are cheaper with money and I’m more interested in new experiences with that Disney touch than WDW/DLR 5-6 times a year like I’ve been doing during Covid. I got a very large bucket list so for me, it just doesn’t make sense.

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Truth be told, I am pretty sure I gave that gift card to my DS. It was a neat little surprise offer. I wonder if it was a test program or something. I’ve never seen anyone else mention something like that.

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Funny how the kids get all the presents! LOL


In September I got a call in my Poly studio, where I was staying with our DVC points, inviting me to a special opportunity to learn more about becoming a DVC member. Not sure there’s much targeting going on.

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Ahhhh, maybe more “Here’s your daily phone number list, hit ‘x’ quota by the end of day” type situation?

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Maybe they think you could afford DVC for some reason, if you wanted to?

Giggling (and ignoring) is probably the right strat :slight_smile:

Well well well. Just as I opened my mouth, I got this DVC pitch in the mail today:

(Giggle) sorry Iger, no chance :smiley:



I have never gotten a DVC call despite going to Disney countless times. I bought points in 2021 but they were resale, so Disney didn’t directly get my money. (Well, not until I paid my first dues. :wink:)

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They’ve been calling me like crazy of late. Not sure why. They must be behind in their sales quota this year or something…

Seems that way, “Here’s your list of numbers to call for the day.”

This past Saturday, we received the same flyer that @DWJoe received a couple of weeks ago. Let me correct myself. The flyer was actually addressed to our daughter, a High School senior, who just turned 18 last month.

Well, I guess legally she can now enter into Real Estate contracts now, so Disney is targeting them as soon as possible. :man_shrugging:


Oh my! :grin:

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You know, it just occurred to me that in each the parks, I never saw a single person other than CMs in the DVC sales pitch kiosks. Not sure how normal that is…but it was something I noticed during our recent trip


The ones in Disneyland often traded pins. Only reason I ever taled to them.