Im confusing myself around park entry :(

So we arrive in Orlando at 4pm on the 24th April

I have bought 5 UK 21 day tickets. we are renting a villa so no disney check in.

Can I go to Disney springs on my own that evening and buy 5 magic bands and link them to our tickets using MDE ap/site and then just walk straight in at rope drop on the 25th?

also can UK tickets be used to visit multiple parks on same day?


  1. you can go to DS and buy MBs and they will link them to your MDE (which will link them to the tickets)

  2. Unless you have park hoppers, base tickets are only good for one park per day. You won’t be able to use multiple tickets on the same day at different parks.

Have a great trip!!

Thanks and i found this.

Created exclusively for the UK and Irish holiday maker, only Disney’s
Ultimate Tickets provide complete freedom to see Disney your way. You
can plan out each day perfectly or simply go wherever the mood takes
you, with the ability to hop between all the Disney Theme Parks
throughout the day.

Hi from UK also . Our tickets allow you to visit all parks and all waterparks and DQ everyday as many per day as you want each day. So yes hop away its 21 days unlimited entry to eveything . Enjoy Mx

You may not feel like going to Disney springs when you arrive. I assume 4pm is your flight arrival time? It will take a while to get through the airport and to your hotel/villa.

There will be lots of places to buy bands in the parks and they will be linked straight away for you.

As has been said, UK tickets are hoppers. You’ll be able to go to different parks. You can also use them for crazy golf before 4pm.

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I know what you mean :smile:
I was thinking we would go to springs about 8 just me and wife for a drink in a bar and sort bands and tickets out(leaving 4yo at villa with grandparents :wink: )

Then we won’t be delayed on way into park next day.

We are staying on Windsor hills so it’s not too long a drive.

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