I'm Almost There!

This trip has been in the planning stages for just about 3 years. I can’t believe it’s actually almost here - just got the MBs today.


So close you can taste it!

Oh man!!! That is so cool. Enjoy the anticipation. Hope the trip is beyond your wildest dreams.

Woohoo! Our magic bands should be here any day, we are 20 days out :airplane:

Have a great trip!!!

The excitement is real. 5 days for me, as my wife and I will be at MVMCP the first night we arrive.


I’m jealous of all you guys so close. When we leave in April, we (meaning me) will have been planning for this trip for two years.

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We are 20 days out also!

It;s 8 for us, and we will be at MVMCP arrival night as well. My bands came in a plain white box. I feel short changed!

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Mine was in a plain white box as well, that is what it looked like when I opened it.

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It’d be funny if we were at any of the parks at the same time! We’re there for 8 park days, 2 off days (with MVMCP on one of those days).

I never know how people manage to meet other liners while at the park with so many other people there! This our “tentative” schedule:
4th arrival/disney springs
5th MK
6th AK
7th EP
9th HS
10 departure

We will be at the party on the 8th as well! None of our other park days match, though.

I will be wearing this shirt and my DH will be wearing a Mickey one just like it. Maybe we will meet each other! minnie


Hello, I don’t post much but I wanted to help you out, 3 years is a long time to be planning but it will be worth it. You need to incorporate rest time into your schedule. You will be walking from one ride to another to another and it adds up. If you try to go from park opening to end of night fireworks you will be exhausted, especially with kids and/or pushing a stroller. You can easily end up walking 6 to 8 miles in a day. My wife and I started the day excited and by the end of the day VERY cranky and moody. The touring plans are great but you’ll notice barely and free time, so that means walking from one place to another to see the most you can in one day. It will help to plan rest time in the day. We found it could be going to the park early one day and leaving when tired, then come late the next and stay late for the fireworks. At the very least, find an air conditioned space somewhere in the park and just relax for an hour or 2, but it won’t be enough if your staying the whole day. I’ve seen many a family arguing and mad on the way out of the parks. If you have any questions you can’t get answered you can contact me at cpo.usn.retired@gmail.com and I’ll try to help. Otherwise, have a great vacation!

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I’ve been planning it for a while, but this is not my first WDW trip! It’s an illness. :laughing: I am well aware of the physical toll of a Disney trip - in Disneyland in September, my feet an ankles swelled a full size. This trip is just me and my sister, so no kids to worry about melting down. We are planning on being slow walkers, and to help ease the strain on our bad ankles, we’re getting an ECV that we’ll trade off. We don’t criss cross the park in search of the lowest wait time, we go area by area to conserve energy.

Thanks for the offer!

I will be wearing one just like this on Friday’s Christmas party.