Son’s friend told him how cool Illuminations is and now son wants to watch the show. Which is fine, but now trying to decide how to work that into our plans. We’re doing Epcot on our last day (Friday). So do we watch somewhere from the front of the park and then try to get out ahead of the mob? Do we watch from between France and England and just slowly mosey out of the park? Is it possible to hit the pastry shop in France for breakfast treats before heading out?
Also we’ll have our vehicle, so drive that day or just take the bus w/ 1,000s of our closest friends :wink:

I would watch from somewhere in WS and then slowly head out. I would drive to the parks if you have a car, especially if you are going at rope drop. Then you will be parked very close to the front and won’t have to wait for the trams. If taking a midday break, use the buses for that, and then your vehicle is still close to the front gates at the end of the night.


You definitely need to be around WS, with a view of the water, to see the show. If “getting out of the park as quickly as possible” is your goal, then watching by France or UK and going out the IG would be your best bet. But that’s not what I do. I usually watch the show from the area between Mexico and China. When it’s over, I start a stroll all the way around WS, and by the time I get back to FW, gthe huge post-show crowds have thinned markedly and the wait for the bus is not bad. If you go on a night with PM EMH the post-show exit crowds don’t seem to be quite as bad, and the shops and restaurants are still open so you can browse as you make your way around WS.

Car or bus is really an individual choice. I generally prefer the bus (especially after EP where I am likely to have been sampling adult beverages for several hours), but others hate the buses and only drive to the parks.

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