IllumiNations watch

Going to be at EPCOT for 3 nights in Dec. planning on watching the show at least 2 nights, staying at Beach Club Resort so will be exiting by international gate, wondering where y’all think a couple of good locations to watch the show. Thanks for your help.

There are a lot of great place. I always pay attention to the direction of the wind and go to the opposite area. You do not want the smoke from the fireworks blowing in your direction.

If you want to do a dinner, I can highly recommend Spice Road table. Their terrace is lovely and, being newer, it did not seem to get the giant following like Rose & Crown and La Hacienda seem to get for illuminations views. The staff was absolutely lovely. The food was delicious, and even with a table in the “second row” on the terrace, we had a lovely view. Had no trouble getting it either with a 7:20 reservation.

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Can Illuminations be seen from the Boardwalk?

@cjandres We are planning on a Tuesday night dinner in a couple of weeks for Spice Road Table. Our ADR is at 8:05.

Was it really full at 7:20? And do they let people linger from 7:20 until 9 for Illuminations?

Any perspective you can share would be great. Thanks

I know la hacienda was mentioned too. How was it . Good views. Or better off just watching from outside?

No not at all. And actually, I think we might have had a 7:40 reservation. Think we showed up at 7:20 to put our name in in case we had to wait for a view. They seated us right away, and the terrace never filled. That was in June CL 4 or 5 I believe.

We had no problem filling the time. We started with sangria (the sparkling was delicious - they let us sample each before choosing). Then we chose to share three of the small plates and a larger entree. we ordered the small plates and ate those first, then put in our order for the entree. That took us right to fireworks, but we stayed after for coffees to wait out the mass exodus.

They were very laid back and not at all pushy about moving us along. We tipped accordingly. The staff were wonderful.