Illuminations Sparkling Desert Party... should we?

I love IllumiNations. Wondering if the dessert party is worth it. Will be me and my DH, DD10 and DS8. We had FP for IllumiNations on our last visit. It was nice not to fight for a spot.

There aren’t really seats. If you get there early enough you can grab a table near a wall that you can sit on. It wasn’t awful but I wouldn’t do it again.


We’ve done this and it was OK no seats though, you may want to consider the Rose and Crown. Book a table for dinner 7:30 weekdays 8:30 Friday/Saturday and ask to be seated on the terrace. Tell them you don’t mind waiting for a table down there.



The patio at Rose and Crown is great if you can get one. But the dessert party, while not having seats, is still a great spot to view from. The desserts are pretty typical and sparkling wine is included. It’s all about what you’re looking for but plenty of people love doing the party.