Illuminations help!

Where is a good spot to watch the show if we are not getting a dinner reservation? I want a decent view without having to stake it out an hour in advance… thanks!

I typically watch somewhere between Mexico and Norway. The bridge between France and UK is also good (but typically more crowded).

Thanks for the tip! Is there a lot of open space between Mexico and Norway that isn’t taken up by the restaurants?

La Hacienda and a gift shop are on the water side, but after that there is nothing on the water side until you get to the giant rock by China.

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Depends on your definition of good, but in July I saw it two nights, with only 20 minute waiting. Once was just south (or right if facing water) of big rocks by railing near Canada. It had good viewing angle of everything. The second one was near where sidewalk to west side of Future World meets the sidewalk around the water in World Showcase. It was EMH, so we easily hustled to Soarin’ for a short line after the pyro. Some people say most of the area around the water is good viewing, as long as you don’t have an island blocking your view.

Some great spots are not so great if the wind is blowing in that direction. There is smoke from the fireworks, make sure you are in the opposite direction!

Thanks! Maybe it makes sense to just see what water areas are free when we arrive then.

The show really is designed for 360-degree viewing, so as long as you have a clear view of the water (i.e. no islands or buildings) you’ll be fine. Over the years, I don’t think there’s a spot around WS where I haven’t watched it…

One of the nicest spots we ever lucked into was in Germany. We had just finished dinner at the Biergarten and walked straight out from there.

But, for the most part, as others have mentioned, as long as there isn’t a tree or other large obstruction, you’ll have a nice view from almost anywhere in WS.