Illuminations Dessert Party Review

We’re avid Disney fanatics… more like lunatics with annual passports to both Disneyland and Disneyworld. Living in Hawaii, we thought we should do it. We have nothing like it here. That’s correct. But the Illuminations Dessert Party is not worth the investment. I should’ve thought this through a little bit more. At $98 for desserts and drinks we never cared for (we don’t drink alcohol), it wasn’t worth the wait. Skip it. There are many more places to watch Illuminations than here.
In fact, we thought we had better views after the Candlelight Processional, near the American theater, than over at the Dessert Party. We even forfeited our Illuminations FP for a place we sought just on our own and it was perfect. Anyway, the dessert party is located straight ahead past the walkway connecting Future World to World Showcase. But save your money. Live vicariously through us and know that it’s not worth it. But the show is one of the best!

If you’re not going to drink the alcohol, I agree that it’s not a wise choice for spending. However, if you enjoy a nice Prosecco and would like to enjoy some time with your travel mates/friends along with some treats, it’s not so terrible. I had a wonderful time back in August, meeting up with a couple of friends for it. Being able to just walk over, right before the show starts was nice.

That said, yes, there are spots around WS that are just as good for the show and you could likely spend the same amount of money gathering a multitude of snacks and drinks from around the world prior to getting to your viewing spot.

$98 would buy more La Cava Margaritas than even I could drink… :slight_smile: