Illuminations cruise 2016

Has anyone done the illuminations cruise lately?? I have a 2 year old and and 8mth old and I thought with crowds, etc, this would be a great option for our family. We have 9 including the kids. Thoughts and opinions? Do you still get a pin? Thank you!

Depends when you go. To be honest - last time we were there - I saw things at the FRANCE bridge - the cruises were all below me under the bridge. My vantage point was much better. It wan’t crazy crowded etc. Personally I don’t think it is worth the $$$ If they had you in the middle of the lagoon - yeah - awesome - but my view was better and was free and there was plenty of space. I would also possibly like to stay on land. My kids at 2 didn’t like fireworks - now they love them. But if you are on the cruise - you stay on the cruise and have no options.

However the sound of the fireworks would probably drown out any crying.