Illumination Cruise

I’m interested in booking an Illuminations Cruise on Saturday, March 9. Looking to find other families to share the boat! It’s a $300 rental fee for up to 8 people, or $350 for up to 10. There are 4 in my party. Anyone else interested? I haven’t even called yet to see if it’s available, and would probably need to change my flight in that day, but I thought this would be my best first step.

That’s an awesome offer! I hope you find some people! Cheftodd has done this a couple few times. Nothing but good reviews.

Oooh, that sounds so awesome. Unfortunately we leave the morning of the 9th, so can’t help you out. Good Luck!

My wife and I did this on our Honeymoon. It was amazing. We actually did it differently.

We paid for it and then invited some couples to join us at no change. It was a way of spreading our own pixie dust. We had 2 of the couples that we invited join us. It was on Christmas night so that made it hard. We wouldn’t have changed anything. We had a wonderful time and it made 2 other couples nights.

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