ILL's, Genie + and large party

We have a party of 7; not everyone will be using the sought after ILL’s and LL reservations due to ages/interests. Will we have time to select individual members of the party when first logging into the app, or are we basically stuck buying ILL’s for everyone to ensure that we don’t lose out while removing members of our party from the reservation?

It really depends on the ride, and somewhat how busy it is. You’ll have no issues booking Guardians of the Galaxy and most days you’ll be fine with Seven Dwarfs and FOP. If it’s an extremely busy day that might not be the case.
On a typical day Rise of the Resistance goes very quickly and I could see that one being a risk on most days. But today it’s been available ALL day.

Sorry that doesn’t exactly answer your question, but I hope it gives you more information.

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Re $ILL’s only: Offsite or onsite?

Onsite can book at 7AM, so should have time to be selective.

Offsite can book only at park open. Lately, there’s been very good availability, but historically RotR has been difficult to get and sometimes the others as well.