ILL / VQ purchase from home airport

Ok I am sure this has been asked and answered but when I did a search all I got were people’s trip reports. We fly out of ORD at 7:15am which is 8:15am Disney time. My question, can we try to book VQ and ILL for TRON at 7:00 am Disney time while we are sitting there waiting? Already have our park reservations for MK. And what happens to our VQ if we miss it because our boarding group gets called before we arrive? That wouldn’t cause our ILL to cancel too would it?

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If you have a good strong connection it should be no different than if you were at your WDW hotel

If you miss your VQ for Tron it seems like you’re out of luck. They’ve been very strict about return times on that one, in stark contrast to their management of VQ returns for GOTG.

The VQ and the ILL$ are independent of one another.

Be sure to book your ILL$ late enough that you won’t miss it, because just like the VQ you’re out of luck if you do.


You can def book on check in day as long as you have a park pass reservation…If your BG gets called, they are being very strict with Tron and you will not likely be able to ride.

2 options:

  1. if you are a resort guest, buy an ILL to guarantee a ride (resort guests can do at 7am and everyone else at park opening)

  2. I would wait until the 1pm VQ

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There’s also the big caveat on timing that they have been enforcing the VQ times during the soft opening, but it is not definite they will keep doing that after the official open. Basically it is worth paying attention to what the policy is by the time you go…


This, plus an $ILL can a good way to get a desirable evening Tron slot.