Ill or early arrival hs

Hi! I am trying decide which option would get the most rides accomplished with teens - planning early morning hours at HS for 1 full day and also early hours the morning of our flight or plan b -booking ILL before we get on our flight and have rides that night and a full day later with early hours. We are staying at the Bay Lake Villas, so may inclination would be to go to MK the first night instead of HS. Not sure if I am missing an opportunity to knock out some long lines at HS.

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What time do you land?

I will say I was supposed to land at 10AM but my flight was delayed two hours. My pass was for MK and staying at Beach. The delay made me wish I had a closer park pass. (My kids are young so this played a part.)

But on the other hand, it is way easier to stack at HS. MK it was hard to find times for when we got there until later in the morning.

We did HS on our arrival night (7:30 pm - 9:00 pm) and it worked out well for us. We rode SDD LL, MFSR LL, TSM LL and A2S stand-by twice in 90 minutes. HS is the easiest great park to stack LL for the evening.

We were staying at CR. We have also done arrival evening at MK on prior trips. MK is also a great option for arrival night from BLT too, but I think getting some difficult to obtain LLs for HS completed the first night was a better plan for my family (note - my kids are younger than yours).

Thank you! We don’t land until 1pm.

If you want Jungle Cruise, that one moves to latest times fastest. Other rides it took some time. I booked something at 9, but it was a 1:30-2:30 return- I think was Peter Pan. Then by 11, was a little easier. It will also depend on your crowds. My day was 11/1 and was a lower crowd day.

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My personal observations:
HS wait times build quickly, so an early morning there would probably only get you 2 rides before they get long.
Both MK and HS are good for stacking. This site is really helpful for seeing when the rides you want will have later return times. HS times get late in the day really quickly, so that wouldn’t be hard at all.

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Thank you!