I'll NEVER Do That Again... Disney Style!

Tiki room, Dinosaur and hopefully losing my cell phone in RnRC hahaha…


Alien Encounter was AWESOME! Miss that so much!


I will never do Expedition Everest again! The backwards part did me in. That’s the worst I’ve ever felt after getting off of a ride. I had to go in to the bathroom, just in case. :nauseated_face:

My then 6 YO daughters cried during this, so we weren’t able to finish it. I loved it though and hopefully we will be able to see the whole thing in November when we return.

“In the Tiki Tiki TIki Tiki Tiki room in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki rooom.”

Basically, there’s no ride I won’t go on, but my daughters may keep us out of some shows. I love the tiki room and made sure we saw it at least once on our last trip. I will even go on It’s a Small World, because my daughters love it, but if I were solo in the parks it would be one I would skip.

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Well, I’ll never say never. But rides/attractions I prefer to avoid:

  • Tiki Room. Why anyone enjoys this, I just can’t figure out. But I know people do. Weirdos! :wink:
  • Country Bear Jamboree
  • Tea Cups. (Mostly because after I turned about 30, rides that go around and around make me nauseous.)
  • Journey Into Imagination with Figment. (IMO, the worst ride on all of Disney property…latest incarnation. Original incarnation I think was okay.)
  • It’s a Small World. I don’t MIND this one, but it is so boring. And redundant. And, well, I have to go on it each trip because my wife loves it. I would never choose it if it were entirely up to me.

Space mountain used to be a lot smoother. They “refurbed” it in 2010 and that kind of messed it up. Hopefully whenever the next major refurb is, they’ll fix it so it isn’t so jerky anymore…

Perhaps…but we were there in 2016, and I just don’t remember it being bad. A little jerky, but in more of an out of control way, which to me kind of adds to the ride.

The RUMOR (and I emphasize that because with Disney, no one really knows until they tell us) is that after Tron opens, they will shut down Space Mountain for a major refurb which MAY include completely changing the current coaster inside to something entirely brand new.

Overall, Space Mountain is still my favorite ride in all of Magic Kingdom.


I forgot that one. Totally agree. So painfully boring.

And I never did Country Bear Jamboree…and after reading this thread I intend on keeping it that way LOL

You just gave me an idea for another thread ! :smiley:

I was FP surfing solo one night on our last trip and did Small World because it was immediate and I was in FL. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it - I never had before :joy:


Uh oh.

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I don’t think Space is that jerky. Or Dinosaur which is another that gets called jerky a lot.

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I guess I should say that on hot days, or when I’m especially tired, IASW is a nice air-conditioned break. So there’s that. And, well, I like looking for Hidden Mickeys. It keeps me sane.

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Mission Space. I had no idea I was claustrophobic until they closed that hatch. I kept looking for a panic button and COULDN’T FIND ONE! It was painful. DH and DS loved it, but they can do it on their own next time.

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I will never again take my 6yr old on the Teacups directly after the dessert party! I have never watched someone turn green until then! and he kept breathing and saying “i got this mom, i got this” LOL…


You probably know there’s an escape exit at Tough to be a Bug. Did you know there’s also one for Tiki room? Hee hee.

I have used both & been thankful.

Fam seems to love both these attractions. I have no idea why. Bugs eek.

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Thank you! I’ve never done any of those 3 but had them in my plans because I thought my son would enjoy. I just watched videos and Tiki is coming off!

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Back in the day, in the 80s, Space Mountain was not jerky at all, that I can remember. It seems to be more so as the years go by. Still love that ride. But wouldn’t want to be on it if I had a bad back or something like that.