I'll NEVER Do That Again... Disney Style!

Thought this might be a fun topic… inspired by my last ride (and I do mean LAST) on the WDW version of Space Mountain. Never Again.

To elaborate, I love thrill rides and I ride everything. Tower of Terror, Everest, Rock-n-Roller Coaster, you name it. I even mostly enjoy Mission: Space Orange. But the last time I rode Space Mountain I momentarily considered jumping overboard just to get it over with. It was SO jerky, bumpy, lurchy and uncomfortable that I was completely miserable. Add to that that it was during the so-called Halloween overlay which meant even darker than usual and a “soundtrack” of screaming instead of music. So I couldn’t even attempt to brace myself for what was coming and my own screams blended right in…

So what about you? What Disney thing will you never do again?

(Aside - I LOVE the Disneyland version of Space Mountain. Makes the WDW version look even worse IMHO).


Alien Encounter.
Oh wait- I don’t have to do it again. Thank God!:sweat_smile:


RRC, Tiki Room, It’s a Small World. I have never done Mission Space and don’t ever plan on it. I have issues with tight spaces and not being able to leave when I get uncomfortable.

I like Space Mountain at DW, but I have to agree the DL one is better.

Astro orbiter. I was so excited to do this last summer as I had never been on it in my life, but I hated it!

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I thought it was just me! I always remember loving the ride but on my recent trip, not so much. I was in the front car; how about you?


sadly there are many things i won’t do any more …showing my age, i guess. …space mountain, dinosaur, mission space orange, star tours. really hoping i like FOP. …but a bit concerned


Primeval Whirl and Mission Space: Orange :nauseated_face:

There’s no ride that I would never do again as I really love all the rides no matter the thrill factor. They all contribute to the magic for me. However, I will never again overload my park bag, wear rubber flip-flops in the rain, forget my power bank, or not stop amid the chaos and take a few deep breaths to just relax and let it be.


I completely agree with you on MK SM; it’s horrible (whereas the DL version is one of my all time favorite Disney rides). But I do plan on riding it again on my next trip to see if my opinion changes.

I can’t say that there are any that I would never ride again, but there are certainly some that would fall into the “ if I’ve done everything else so I might as well” category. On that list would be: any of the “spinners”, Barnstormer, ETwB, and Imagination. There are several shows that i would have no problem missing ( and Disney Jr is on the never again list).


It’s Tough to be a Bug. I was hysterical by the end of it. Never again!


Dinner at Boma. I was so excited for it and had heard amazing things about the food. We love all types of different cuisine, but it was so gross. Hopefully just a bad night and maybe the really good things were off limits due to our food allergies, but it was the only meal at Disney that has ever been a complete disappointment. All four of us hated it and we ended up getting CS back at the hotel afterwards since we were starving.

I didn’t dislike Boma, but I didn’t like it enough to spend that much on dinner there again.

Nothing I have ever done at WDW was so bad that I wouldn’t do it. There were a lot of things that weren’t worth the cost or the wait and a lot of things I don’t have any particular need to do again, but nothing that was actively bad. The only thing that comes close is the Tea Cups and that’s only if the kids are making it into a centrifuge.

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So true! Our family ate at Boma last summer and honestly I think it was leftover night! Never again!

KRR in cold weather. Rode it back in November 2009 on a chilly morning.


I can leave stitch. I enjoy the treehouse but not the stairs. Enchanted tales was cute but i do not have to do that again.

Truly i think i would do anything again. But i dont have to do everything.

I thought it was just old bones. Brian from TP talked about it on his vlog too.

Tiki Room. Maybe Country Bears Jamboree, Jungle Cruise. I haven’t done the Treehouse for years but my mum loves it so I’ll probably do it with her this year, and may end up doing CBJ or JC, but Tiki Room is a hard no.

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I got bored on Spaceship Earth so I’d skip that in the future. DH would say small world, but I loved it and rode it twice.

my reasons are srictly age related. …just can’t deal with some of the rougher rides. …i wish i could