IG to Topolino Breakfast by skyliner

Anyone have an idea how much time I should budget for taking the skyliner from IG to Topolino on a Wednesday morning?

Not planning on a crack of dawn thing. We’ll be checking out that morning and recovering from HS. But don’t want to be too late either.
(Course all dependent on ADR)

We were in BWV and it wasn’t long at all going that direction for a later breakfast. We had like a 10 or 11 am breakfast last summer and I think I gave us like 45 minutes and were definitely early but since you can check in 20 minutes early it’s not a bad idea to pad it like that.

There was zero line for the skyliner itself (I mean a handful of people) and it was just the 5-10 min ride plus the walking.

Thanks Jenny
I’m hoping with the bulk of ppl going to EPCOT, we’ll have a walk on to leave IG.

After breakfast, we’re thinking about heading to the Polynesian.
:thinking: guess bus to MK and then monorail to Poly?

Pity we can’t skyliner back to IG and get the monorail to the TTC… :neutral_face:

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You could walk from MK to Poly if you have the time and are up for it. It took me 30 minutes but I was taking my time about it and stopping for pics; you could do it in less if you needed or wanted to.

Monorail could take nearly the same time by the time you wait for a train to arrive and then stop at Contemporary and TTC before arriving at Poly

Of course seeing that lobby after getting off monorail is pretty special and that may be something to consider.


Yeah I’m thinking the fam will appreciate that visual… or it could just be me!

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I think I’ll have to call an audible on how we get up to MK from Riviera.
I’m sure bus directly will be faster but if they like the Skyliner…

That’s exactly what happened to us. People were still coming to Epcot as it opened at 11 and not the other way around yet.

I liked the skyliner. One of the girls was scared. They come crashing in really fast to the stations which is kind of scary but thrilling.

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Yeah I think it’ll be a hit with us.