IG share

Is anyone keen on sharing IG handles? In a flurry of “this is insanity and my personal information is at risk” I deleted my account this past spring. I’ve since come to my senses and have rejoined the masses. In the rebuilding of my account, I don’t have much on my account yet, but that is going to change in short order when we go back in April.

you can find me at www.instagram.com/dianedownsphotography

I just followed you! I think that is always the easiest way- although most of my posts are answers to chat questions.

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I’ve got the same name, since I only went on IG to share photos on chat 5 years ago! I’ve just this year started to use it for other stuff. And now I’m going to follow you too!

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There’s a three here somewhere with liner insta handles.

I can’t look for it now but perhaps someone else can?

This one?


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This one too:


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Thanks ladies!

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