If you were to eat at ONE table service restaurant or character meal

We’re going during free dining, and staying at POR. I’m largely happy to have quick service for the five days/six nights of our stay. My 13 year old is making the plans for a “no pizza, no burgers” QS plan, and it looks pretty good. But, let’s say, we wanted one special treat…

What would you chose for table service? Our favourite meal last time was Kona, and the kids did the character meals in Tusker House, Akershus and 1900 Park Fare. I’d be open to another character meal, but… I’m not sure they provide good value for money.

Are you looking for value? If you are have you been to 50’s, Sci-fi, or the Plaza? Wait! How about Sanaa at AKL?


The value in the character meals is not in the food…by a longshot.
I’d suggest Teppan Edo, especially if you’ve never been to a teppanyaki style place. Teppan Edo is not the greatest of its kind, BUT, in that realm, it’s not crazily Disney overpriced, and the show is fun.

Also - Hoop De Doo interest you? If so, you should go. It’s the definition of Special Treat for a lot of ppl.

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Hoop De Doo for sure! :stuck_out_tongue:

TS without characters: Jiko
TS with Characters: Tusker House

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It’s seems that a lot of people like Tusker House. Be warned the food has a different spice to it. Think it is curry but not sure. It wasn’t our cup of tea.:nauseated_face:

Its an east Africa vibe, which includes Middle East, eastern Med, and South Asia. Really great if you love all that, not if you don’t, yes.

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1900 Park Fare, it’s the most memorable for us. On top of the fact you don’t need a park ticket so, that’s 1 less day needed. 2nd option would be Spirit of Aloha because we haven’t done it yet, though more expensive.

Just did it in August of 2018. Not worth the money!. Show is mediocre at best. Food is the same and is served in a weird manor in immovable dishes. Save your money and do Hoop De Do instead. :persevere:

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Don’t ever, for one single second, allow Tusker House’s lame attempt at ethnic seasoning throw you off of those types of foods from real places. This is WDW food (and a buffet at that) we’re talking about here. I honestly laughed when I tried two of their “curries.” The two best things I had from the time I went was their roasted chicken, and roasted side of salmon. The chicken was outstanding, totally “plain” but with a strong hit of thyme, I think. Given the choice between TH and Chef Mickey’s, I think I’d choose Chef Mickey’s - it’s not trying to be something it can’t be. If I want exotic flavors, Tusker House is just NOT gonna deliver, and it’s just gonna make me wanna go get real food “therapy.” I get it tho - it has to be approachable, and that’s totally fine, and understandable.


Crystal Palace. We are all about Pooh Bear and Friends.

We really liked Ragland Road. Good food, good drinks, great entertainment. And the price wasn’t too painful. :shamrock:


We did Tusker House in 2015, and I think our review is closer to seebee’s: bland.

Sanaa seems interesting, but $28 US for two curries and rice seems pricey. That is a meal for two at the most expensive Indian place in town here. Is it worth it?

At Sanaa we always get the bread service and split an entree. It is a good amount of food and a pretty low priced meal.


Just booked Sanaa! Excited to go for the first time!

So not actually table service but feels that way and is technically QS - Geyser Point at WL. Put that in the list for sure since you have QS credits to use!


Thanks for the tip! We’re at Port Orleans Riverside, but I am hoping to save up and take us all Wilderness Lodge on the next trip - I just need to not have to do like $10 000 of home repairs for five years in a row.

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I really liked the Crystal Palace character breakfast, and the Ohana dinner.

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If you don’t want to go too far the restaurant at your resort is quite good. Had a prime rib there that was to die for. Usually you don’t need reservations.

If I was choosing exactly ONE Table Service meal, it would be a tossup for me between 'Ohana and Flying Fish… but Flying Fish would almost certainly win, for me.

Dinner service, for either of these.

Ohana is the one place my foodie DH keeps asking to repeat. We also repeat Tusker House.
1900 Park Fare is a favorite of mine, but not my family.