If you request a room at a resort

does that reduce the likelihood of getting an upgrade? We are hoping for a relatively quiet room not too far from the buses and lobby at Pop Century. Touring Plans has some recommended rooms. I am thinking about doing the fax request form, but I wasn’t sure if it is better to make general requests than a specific room. We are going for 8 nights mid to late August, so probably not too likely to get an upgrade anyway. What have you found to work best?

It seems the fax request makes it more likely you get a certain location rather than the exact room (although you could get lucky and get the exact room). Like you mentioned, the time of year you go probably affects this. When it is busier, you are unlikely to get upgraded to a room that you would typically have to pay more out of pocket for when booking. However, it happens from time to time. My most recent experience with the fax request was last January, where I requested a certain standard view room at Wilderness Lodge, and was given a room in the same location as requested, but also was upgraded to a Nature View. When you go to check in, if you didn’t get a room in the location you requested, you can always ask the CM to check for availability to see if they can switch you.

Lots of people have been upgraded after putting in a fax request and doing online check in. But if you’re not bothered about a specific room, you can ask for a general area instead. They generally only upgrade when they don’t have your room category available though.

I always out in a room request and have had plenty of upgrades. Not sure what drives the upgrades, but I think I read it happens when they oversell a particular category, but the room request hasn’t hurt our chances for upgrades.

Just last week I had put in a room request. I had booked a standard room but was upgraded to a pool view. It was not near where I requested so maybe that’s why I was upgraded.