If you pay to park at parks, can you leave and come back same day?

If you pay to park at the parks, can you leave in the afternoon and then come back later that day without having to repay?

Yes. Parking ticket is valid at any park all day on the day of purchase :+1:t2:


if we’re staying off site, at fairfield lake buena vista, do you think its still possible to rope drop rise? And on a different day, get tron VQ (or probably no way)?

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Make sure you hang on to your receipt for parking. They will scan it at the next parking location

RD ROTR is a no - Disney resorts get in 30 minutes before everyone else.

VQ are a definite probability (we snag them all the time). Check out the BG1 threads over in the La Cava section

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Technically, you can rope drop anything. I would do a Touring Plan to see what it predicts for your wait times. Maybe getting in line at park open is the shortest wait or maybe you should wait until the end of the day - or maybe the wait will be the same no matter what.

Sorry (@ScottFL ), I didn’t mean to reply to you!


Tron VQ you don’t need to be at the park.

Rise, you can get on it with a reasonable wait time with secondary rope drop (aka regular park open) if you are close to the ropes.