If you pack your own food for in-room breakfast

I somehow thought we were the only ones doing this, but then again, there’s probably a reason the resort stores have this stuff :grin:

I always buy bagels for myself, cereal and smoothies for the kids. Sometimes we’ve brough cereal and soy milk with us (doesn’t need a fridge, though it’s better cold). Granola bars and fruit for snacks. This gets us to lunch time!

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Oh wow. Lots of ideas. Thanks everyone. My wife wil think I’m pretty smart now when I come back with all your ideas (as my own). I forgot, we are driving to Orlando and have learned to take the Horizons West exit off Hyw 429 south to drive into the bubble from the north. There is a Walmart at that exit where we can stock up on groceries.:slightly_smiling_face:


I really love good cheese and bread for breakfast-sometimes I get tired of sweet stuff and I don’t like eggs.


Instant oatmeal worked well for us using the microwave in a studio.

I’ll bring full boxes of cereal, along with the shelf stable milk or soymilk in the 1 liter or individual serving boxes if available. The individual serving boxes are great - you can just put a few in the fridge at a time to save space. So, they can stay in a drawer or whatever, and then at bedtime, you can throw a few in the fridge. We usually do a bowl of cereal, a handful of nuts, and a piece of fruit for a healthy starter. We are early risers, and early park time is precious to us. Early breakfast in room, early fancy lunch, mid-afternoon snack and late, fancy, dinner is our m.o.